Add Music to Instagram Stories

Do you want to add music in your Instagram stories? From today there is a new method! How to insert background music in Instagram Stories.

Insert and add background music in the Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories introduces a new option: here’s how to easily insert music and songs in the background using the new “Music” sticker

Great news just came from Instagram, the most popular social network photo, used and in vogue of the moment.

In recent days, in fact, Instagram has launched a new feature that allows you to insert music and songs in the background when you publish a story.

In a simple and fast way, when you publish a new Instagram Story you can now choose a background soundtrack, to use to beautify and complete the photo or shared video. As easily understood by the name, the new sticker will allow users to further customize their history, including a soundtrack.

This new feature is called in particular “Music in Stories”: it was in testing for quite some time, but only today officially arrives on Instagram, although at the moment only for iOS and iPhone users. Soon it will be available also for Android (hopefully!).

The Stories have become a means to share everyday moments with friends – and today we present a new feature to further extend our creativity and expression: Music in Stories», explains the company through a statement shared for the occasion.

Available in Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States, with a progressive rollout in the future, with music on Instagram Stories you can now add your favorite song to the photo or video content that fits at any time and helps the user to express how he feels.

It is not yet known when the function will also be available in other countries, but it should not be long in coming.

Even before you could put the music in the Stories of Instagram, but it was different

Of course, I know that even in the past it was possible to insert background music and songs into Instagram stories, but “was not official” procedure and it was necessary to record a video while a music app (like Spotify and the like) was open in the background it reproduced the song.

A method not really convenient and immediate, but that still works.

Here, from today Instagram allows you to insert music and songs in the stories in a much more convenient and fast, and above all allows you to “tag” the song so that users who see the story can recognize it and listen to it in turn.

Definitely a smarter way to incorporate music into Instagram Stories. 

If you are intrigued by this new feature and you want to try it on Instagram now, I’ll explain how to do it!

How to add music and songs in Instagram Stories

As usual, adding the new option to Instagram questions is really super simple.

Steps to add music in Instagram stories:

  • start Instagram
  • go to the Stories
  • take a picture/shoot a video/select a media from the gallery
  • click on the smile button at the top right (the classic one you use to add place, degrees, emoji, time, GIF and more)
  • click on the MUSIC item (as in the image above)
  • select the song to add in the Stories of Instagram
  • check that everything is ok and publish the story

In automatic all the followers who will see that story with the music will recognize the song and, clicking on it, will be able to listen to it or use it in their Stories of Instagram.

Other useful information

By touching the “MUSIC” icon, you will have access to a library containing thousands of songs: you can search for a single specific song, browse by mood, genre, see what is popular and tap the play button to hear a preview.

Once you have selected your favorite music, you can also choose the most suitable piece for your story.

Also available is the possibility to select a song even before recording a video:  when you open the camera, simply scroll to the new “MUSIC” option under the record button; looking for a piece of music, you have to select at this point the exact part you want to capture and record a movie while the song itself is played in the background.

Whenever a friend on Instagram will watch one of these Stories, he will listen to the song while he sees the photo or video; in addition, it will display a sticker with the title of the song and the name of the artist.

And here you have discovered how to add any music and song in your Instagram Stories. 

I can not add background music in Stories on Instagram

First of all, I suggest you read this article, just to let you know that unfortunately, Instagram does not activate the new features to all accounts:

That said, if you do not yet see the function to add music in Stories on Instagram, polls, stickers and the like, you can do one of these operations:

  • update Instagram to the latest version available for Android or iOS (link at the end of the article)
  • restart the smartphone after updating
  • log in/out of your account (REMEMBER USERNAME AND PASSWORD!)
  • enrich your Instagram BIO
  • uninstall and reinstall Instagram

But, as anticipated, to date none of these roads seems to work. 

Unfortunately, it all depends on Instagram, remotely: if the social network does not enable these features on the account, you can not use them.

Try however to update Instagram to the latest version, but nothing will change.

Download the latest updated Instagram version

In any case, I recommend downloading the latest version of the Instagram app directly from the following links:

What do you think of music in Stories on Instagram?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article if you have already used this new feature on Instagram, if you like this and what you think.

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