Apparently many users do not have Polls, Emoji, Questions and Stickers on Instagram. If they’re missing from you, let’s find out problem and possible solutions.

I have no polls, emojis, stickers and questions in Instagram Stories

Instagram polls do not work?

I do not have any Instagram polls yet

Problems with Instagram surveys?

You do not have the poll option on Instagram, and you also miss the questions, stickers, emojis and sliders?

We try to clarify about it!

Today I want to draw the attention of Teknologya readers on a not serious but very annoying problem that still afflicts a lot of Instagram accounts. 

Many users of the blog, have contacted me recently to report that they can not take advantage of many of the new features introduced by Instagram in the stories.

I’m talking about questions, stickers, emoji and polls, very popular and appreciated by users of Instagram, which apparently are not available to all users.

Reading a few forums, blogs and posts on social networks, however, I understand that the problem is not isolated and that users without surveys on Instagram are really a lot. 

How to solve the problem of polls, emojis, stickers and absent questions in Instagram Stories?

The problem is that there seems to be no working way to solve this situation.

The survey features, questions, emojis and stickers are activated by Instagram remotely. 

This means that every single account “receives the OK from the top of the Instagram headquarters” in order to offer the user these functions for the Stories.

We have seen several solutions together to try and activate these features in the Instagram account, but none seems to have worked until today. 

If you do not have polls (and similar) on Instagram, the only way to go is to bring patience and wait for the social network to activate the functions on your account. 

Until this happens, there’s nothing you can do.

Possible solutions to trigger surveys, emoji, stickers and questions in Instagram Stories

As anticipated, in the past we have proposed various alternative solutions to try to make these features appear in the users’ Instagram Stories, but none seems to have worked.

If you still want to give it a try, it does not cost you anything.

If you do not yet see the function to ask questions on Instagram, polls, stickers and the like, you can do one of these steps:

  • update Instagram to the latest version available for Android or iOS (link at the end of the article)
  • restart the smartphone after updating
  • log in/out of your account (REMEMBER USERNAME AND PASSWORD!)
  • enrich your Instagram BIO
  • uninstall and reinstall Instagram

But, as anticipated, to date none of these roads seems to work. 

Unfortunately, it all depends on Instagram, remotely: if the social network does not enable these features on the account, you can not use them.

Try however to update Instagram to the latest version, but nothing will change.

Download the latest updated Instagram version

In any case, I recommend downloading the latest version of the Instagram app directly from the following links:

Instagram, give yourself an alarm clock

The only thing we can do is wait for Instagram to wake up and activate all these new features on all accounts.

Of course, you can always try to create a new Instagram account on which you will almost certainly have all these new features, but I understand that it is very annoying to create a new Instagram account (with loss of followers, DM, like ..) because of the social network.

I really do not understand why Instagram makes these differences for no reason between one account and another. The absurd thing is that there are accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers who have no surveys, stickers, questions and the like, while accounts with 100 or 200 followers have these functions, a sign that this does not depend on the number of followers of a user.

No one has yet been able to understand what depends on the fact that some users have polls (and similar) on Instagram while others do not.

We only hope that Instagram will solve this problem soon, because it has become unbearable and really annoying.

Are you also without polls, stickers, emoji and Instagram questions? Let us know in the comments! 

And above all, share this article as much as possible: maybe if it becomes viral Instagram gives a move to solve the problem and releases stickers, surveys and questions for everyone!

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