Addon to skip countdown and redirect short and download links (Chrome and Firefox)

Some websites make use of short links that once clicked before pointing to the actual content oblige the user to wait for the end of a countdown and/or to undergo a series of pages and/or web advertising cards.

If you often deal with this type of sites and links, the situation could eventually be frustrating.

This is why the Universal Bypass extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be useful in these circumstances because its function automatically bypass the countdown and redirects of the short and download links by immediately pointing to the actual content.

More specifically, as you can see in the sample video below, Universal Bypass is able to skip such unwanted behavior from services such as:,,,, OpenLoad, Ur. ly, and many others available on the extension website.

If necessary, using the add-on options, you can add custom bypasses, but in this case it is necessary to have knowledge of JavaScript.

Universal Bypass can be downloaded for free as well as from the official website, also from the Firefox Add-ons and the Chrome Web Store. Last but not least, Universal Bypass is open source so its source code is freely available and editable.

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