Trick to direct download Windows 10 ISO from the Microsoft Website

Normally, using the official methods, to download the ISO image of Windows 10 you must first download the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, which will then be able to proceed with the creation of the installation media, ie the ISO file.

Otherwise to make the direct download of the ISO image of Windows 10 you have to depend on third-party software.

But without downloading any programs, add-ons or anything else, it is good to know that with Google Chrome you can implement a trick with which you can directly download the ISO image of Windows 10. Let’s see how.

1. Started Chrome to go to this Windows 10 download page from which it is normally possible to download only the Media Creation Tool (click on the “Download” button now the tool “).

2. On the keyboard, press the F12 key to open the Chrome Developer Console to the right of the screen.

3. As in the example above, in the console, click the “Toggle device toolbar” button, then update the web page by clicking the “Reload” button, without closing the Chrome console.

4. As you will notice and as shown in the example above, now the appearance of the internet page has changed, ie there is no longer the button “Download now the tool” as it is now possible to proceed directly to the download the ISO by obviating the Media Creation Tool (if the page is too small, click the “Toggle device toolbar” button again but this time without reloading the page). So in this sense proceed in this order:

  • In the “Select edition” section, expand the drop-down menu and indicate the desired Windows 10 version (only the latest version is available, which at the time of writing is Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 ) and continue by clicking the “Confirm” button;
  • In the “Select product language” section, expand the drop-down menu and indicate the desired language for Windows 10 (for example English/French) and continue by clicking the “Confirm” button;
  • Finally, in the “Windows 10” section you just have to click the “64-bit Download” button to start the direct download of the Windows 64 64 bit ISO image, or click the “32-bit Download” to download the ISO of the 32-bit version.

After downloading the web page in question can be closed without problems as the download of the ISO image will not be interrupted but will continue until completed.

Remember that with the ISO image you can create the installation media of Windows 10 by burning it to a blank DVD (using for example this free programs to burn ), or creating a bootable USB stick using perhaps the free Rufus program.

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