Advice on how to win in Clash of clans

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Advice on how to win at Clash of clans, It is a game of strategy for mobile devices, developed by Supercell, the game was released in 2012 and since then, the developers have added new updates that have convinced the “old” players that they had left the game for various reasons, to come back.

It is good to know that Clash of Clans has received an important update, and today, we will go to see some tips to play better with Clash of Clans.

Gems are the premium resources that are released in Clash of Clans, if you do not intend to invest the euro in this game, we advise you to keep all the gems and use them to get the builder’s hut.

This is the main strategy of this game, keep in mind that every building is equipped with a worker who will be able to create and upgrade your buildings, the hut of the first builder is free, but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5 ° cost many gems. You can have the gems by removing the stones, trees and other obstacles from your village.

The second and no less important advice concerns the fence, create small square or rectangular enclosures according to what you want to fence, and if possible insert a single resource inside it, so that the enemy, if he wants to destroy it, must first destroy the fence , and in that time frame, it can be hit by your defenses.

The best way to get the resources is to raid the other villages, but it does not always work, because often you happen to raid villages, with little elixir and little money, then often the time is not enough to destroy a village completely. So the only advice I can give you is always to improve your production of elixirs and money.

Another very important thing to do is to improve your camps, the bigger the camps, the more soldiers you can have in your army, also because the bigger the soldiers are, the less they go. Do not go immediately to strengthen your municipality, also because a strong municipality does not mean that it is not destroyed. Before moving on to updating the municipality, it is good to upgrade the buildings around you first.

One thing not to do is send all the troops to the front, because not a single one will return. Instead of using expensive troops, we recommend using troops, such as barbarians and archers. Before going to war, I advise you to leave a tail in the creation of your soldiers, once back from the war, you will have ready already a new army.

If you do not have many resources to lose, and you want to earn a shield of 12 hours, I suggest you place the town hall outside the walls, if you have many resources, I suggest you keep it well fixed, and put the traps near the defenses, because they are the first to be attacked by the enemy, and not near the town hall or the resources.

Do not be fooled by the desire for revenge, before going on the attack, go and visit the clan, if the clan is too strong think twice.

Keep the gems as I mentioned before, for the houses of the builders, to receive many gems you have to clean your field, or reach the 1250 trophies, and so Clash oh clans will repay you with 450 gems. When you’re not online, try to always leave little elixir and little money in the boxes, so when you’re attacked, you will not lose too much. Do you have other tips on how to win in Clash of clans?

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