How to have 2 Clash Royale accounts on the same mobile phone. There is no doubt that Clash Royale, is the game of the year for iOS and Android. It’s style of play has become very deep and has seen how thousands of applications arise around it trying to imitate it. Today we will show you a little trick on how you can have 2 Clash Royale accounts on the same phone.

The managers of Clash Royale, the SuperCell team, a few weeks ago showed the new game that follows the design line of this game of Clash of Clans. Brawl Stars is called and is a vertical multiplayer shooter with a comic strip style similar to the titles mentioned. But now on how to have 2 Clash Royale accounts on the same phone.

There are many users who on more than one occasion have tried to install 2 Clash Royale accounts on a single mobile phone. Fortunately, on the Google Play Store there are applications that make it possible, in a very simple way.

In the Google application market, we can find a solution for almost all our desires. For this reason we can also find app that allows you to have a “duplicate” application to use it with two different accounts.

How to have 2 Clash Royale accounts on the same mobile phone

A very feasible option, but limited to Samsung phones is to use the “Safe Folder”, but there is an application called Parallel Space that allows you to do the same, even if it expands the range to more Android phones.

Parallel Space allows you to have two Clash Royale accounts on a single mobile phone easily.

The app clones and manages multiple accounts simultaneously of the same app, customizing your space with dedicated themes and you can play Clash Royale on different levels.

The fact that some users want to have two accounts of the game on the same device can serve to exploit the game, to start over, or to waste resources in buying cards that you will not use, that is, you will use the gems better.

However, the main reason why many users want to use two Clash Royale accounts in a single mobile device would be to be able to stay in two clans.

Naturally, the same settings and permissions that apply to one of the applications will be replicated in the duplicate application.

In other words, if access to location permissions is denied, you can not send the location to your friends from duplicate apps using Parallel Space.


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