Alternative programs for uTorrent to download Torrent safely and securely

It would be better to find alternatives to uTorrent, not only because it includes adware, but because it also makes them difficult to reject, with a very misleading installation and update procedure.

Here we will see below the best BitTorrent clients we can use to replace uTorrent on PCs with Windows installed.

1) qBitorrent

The first real alternative to uTorrent that we can try is qBitorrent, free, open source and without advertising downloadable from here -> qBitorrent.

This program has a very nice interface, with everything you need to download both torrent files and magnet links with which you can get torrents only using the string associated with the download.

Downloading with this software will become a walk, just configure the bandwidth limits correctly based on the performance of your network and open the necessary ports to get the maximum speed.

No advertising window is present in the interface: we can finally download without any worries about where we are going to click.

2) Transmission

Another program that we can use as a replacement for uTorrent is Transmission, a well-known torrent client on Linux and Mac but that we can also install on Windows using the link here -> Transmission.

The interface is really very simple, with all the information and buttons needed to manage torrents just a click away.

Once the torrent has been added (via torrent file or via magnet link) the program will download it at the maximum available speed for the line, in the PC Download folder.

To get the best performance we will have to open the door associated with the service inside the router, but it is not necessary to do anything else: we can immediately download without limits and especially without having to fear the appearance of misleading or malicious advertising, as this program is also open source.

3) Deluge

Another very famous program in the Linux environment to download torrents but also available for Windows is Deluge, free download from here -> Deluge.

With this program we will be able to download any torrent (also the magnetic links) obtaining in the clear and simple interface all the necessary information such as the time remaining for the download, the download and upload speed and the percentage of completion.

One of the easiest programs to use, all you have to do is open the router port to the service to download at the maximum speed of the line.

4)  PicoTorrent

If we look for a really light program in memory and simple to download torrents on our PC with Windows we can also try the PicoTorrent program, available for free here -> PicoTorrent.

The extreme lightness in memory will allow you to download torrents even on PC a little ‘older or with little RAM installed.

The interface is the simplest of all the programs tested for this guide: a list with torrents to download, the percentage, the remaining download time and the download speed, nothing else.

We advise you to give it a chance, we will surely be happy with the speed and lightness of this little torrent client.

5) CuteTorrent

Other BitTorrent client without ads and without unnecessary components is CuteTorrent, free download from here -> CuteTorrent.

This client is definitely one of the most complete that we can try on Windows to replace uTorrent, having a very similar interface and easy to understand buttons.

In addition to supporting all the most useful features to quickly download new torrents, it offers the ability to automatically configure proxies to protect P2P connections, has an automatic ISO image editing system and an internal player to play the downloaded multimedia content via torrents without having to use an external player.

Definitely one of the most complete client ever, completely free, open source and without trace of advertising!

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