Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube for Watching Video in 2018

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When we talk about the possibility of seeing music videos or any other type of clip, the first resource that immediately comes to mind is definitely YouTube. This is the best video streaming service that boasts millions of accesses and views every day, but like any free service has limitations, especially as regards the loading of content, as we must follow the guidelines to perfection so that our videos are approved and published.

Another small and annoying problem complained of by YouTube users is the abundant presence of banners and advertising videos that condition and distract the visitor while viewing the contents. Therefore, the demand from users arises: are there alternative services to YouTube?

There are hundreds of portals of video streaming, but not all of them guarantee reliability and security and it is precisely for this reason that we decided to collect and describe in detail the best 10 alternatives to YouTube to share online videos without embarking on complex services, not working and that deviate much from the characteristics of personal interest. Are you ready to learn about these valid video sharing alternatives?

The best alternatives to YouTube

In the following paragraphs will be collected and presented those that in our opinion are the best video sharing services, which are very close to the features offered by Youtube and already have a large number of users.

Youtube Alternative Index:

  1. dailymotion
  2. Vimeo
  3. Metacafe
  4. Vevo
  5. Twitch
  6. The Internet Archive
  7. 9Gag TV
  8. Veoh
  9. Flickr
  10. PhotoBucket

1. Dailymotion – ^

Dailymotion is undoubtedly the best alternative to YouTube to watch and share videos online. It is the first competitor of the Google home video portal and presents an almost infinite catalog of videos divided by category of interest. It has absolutely nothing to envy to other services of its kind, but it must be said that there is a limitation in uploading videos, a “Normal” user can not upload videos over 4 GB, which means that the video will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes. And you, have you ever used this service to share your videos?

2. Vimeo – ^

Another very valid alternative, but that will never compete with YouTube and with DailyMotion, it is Vimeo. The real strength of this service is that it does not present elements of distraction, so those who watch a video can concentrate on the content without being distracted by other unnecessary factors. Compared to Dailymotion, Vimeo allows you to only upload videos of 500MB per week, but also offers the possibility to extend the upload to 5 GB.

3. Metacafe – ^

The lowest step of the podium is occupied by a service called Metacafe that compared to the “Colleagues”, offers the possibility to load only portions of video with a maximum duration of 90 seconds. If your goal is to create and publish small funny and viral clips, then Metacafe is the right service for your purposes.

4. Vevo – ^

Are you passionate about music and would you like to know an online service so you can listen and watch videos of your favorite bands? If this is your wish, then you must absolutely add in your favorites the portal known as Vevo. It presents an infinite catalog of musical pieces divided by genre and author and is organized so well that it is very easy to find the music clip that interests us most. The only flaw is the massive presence of advertising, but for the services offered, we could somehow neglect it. And you, what do you think of Vevo?

5. Twitch – ^

Now instead we dedicate 2 minutes of this post to those who are fond of online games. If your passion is to play and you absolutely want to find out as much information as possible on a video game, then the platform you need to refer to is Twitch. It is a portal dedicated to Gamers all over the world and since it was born it has had a pretty good success. The only negative thing is that it is a paid service, but if you love video games more than anything else, we recommend you to subscribe.

6. The Internet Archive – ^

The Internet Archive is another great service to use as an alternative to YouTube to share and watch any type of video. Its sector is dedicated to entertainment, so on this platform you can watch TV series, movies, documentaries and much more. If you have a weakness for television series or you are a cinema fan, then The Internet Archive can undoubtedly be the right service for you.

7. 9Gag TV – ^

Do the entertainment services described above do not meet your needs? Do you need a platform with which you can also get animated GIFs and other content in addition to videos? Take a look at the service called 9Gag TV which is nothing more than a portal dedicated to lovers of entertainment video content. It is a platform a little different from the others, in fact there are some videos called NSFW ( Not Suitable / Safe For Work ) or inappropriate content (sexually explicit), so you have to pay close attention to the links that will be displayed.

8. Veoh – ^

Veoh, along with Dailymotion, is definitely the best alternative ever to Youtube. It is a platform that counts millions of daily users who upload and share any type of video. While for DailyMotion the upload limit is 4 GB (Max 60 minutes duration), instead Veoh allows an upload without limitation of time nor file size. What distinguishes this service is the easy possibility to share any content on the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

9. Flickr – ^

Another service that should not be underestimated is definitely Flickr, a platform dedicated initially to photos and images, but then its features have also been extended to videos. To take advantage of Flickr you need to create a free account that will offer the ability to upload small video clips, with a maximum duration of 90 seconds.

10. PhotoBucket – ^

The last site taken into consideration in today’s focus is PhotoBucket. It is a platform very similar to Flickr, created specifically to help users download and upload images, but for some time offers the ability to upload short video content. The catalog offered is still not vast, but given the success achieved in recent months, it will not be long and the videos available to users will be really countless.


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