Amazon Steam: video games streaming from 2020

Amazon will allow you to play streaming with its own exclusive platform: the e-commerce giant is looking at videogames.

Amazon points to video games: according to several rumors, the online sales giant would be increasingly interested in the gaming industry, wanting to invest in the creation of a new platform dedicated to streaming games similar to Steam.

After Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music, in addition to subscription service for Kindle ebooks, Jeff Bezos continues his work expansion of the offer, diversifying the various services by sector and type of users.

As PlayStation Now is coming and even the future PS5 and Xbox Two are increasingly interested in a service dedicated to gamers, which allows you to play hundreds of titles on demand without the need for a console, or download huge amounts of data that go to clutter up space on the hard drive.

Amazon: streaming gaming platform coming soon?

Is Amazon really thinking of carving out an important slice in the video game market? According Mashable yes, and moreover it would not really be the first time that the Amazon looks at gaming: Twitch, who has Ninja Fortnite a millionaire character, has long been a point of reference for the nerd community thanks to the possibility of transmitting live several game sessions.

Amazon is collecting, as reported by The Information, the licenses of the main developers and everything will not be ready before 2020. Among the flagship features, in fact, the ability to play hundreds of games without the need for downloads. In addition, the games will be hosted in cloud servers that will not require ultra-powerful hardware specifications to be played on your PC. On the contrary, the possibilities of fun will widen if you can use smartphones and tablets to play.

Further confirmations come from The Verge, who reported two job opportunities for Amazon in Seattle, both focused on searching for information technology engineers for cloud games. To this is also added the open position for an engineer who knows how to deal with multi-platform games, described as “a rare opportunity to attend the foundation of a not yet announced deal dedicated to Triple A games” and a fourth position for a person specialized in artificial intelligence for “working on a game never seen before”.

The 2020 looks like a year of great news for the video game industry: Sony and Microsoft will have to review their strategies now that Amazon comes into play. It’s still early to say, but one thing is certain: the retail market for physical games seems destined to become just a memory.

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