How to connect the PS VR to PS4

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Do you want to immerse yourself in virtual reality with your PlayStation 4 but do not know which procedure to follow? In the next lines we will explain in detail how to connect the PS VR to the PS4 in a simple and immediate way!

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One of the important things to point out, before revealing the specific steps, is the model of PlayStation VR in your possession since at this moment there are two on the market: CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2. The differences between the two are few but we have decided to list them for completeness of information.

The first model proposes a processor unit with sliding lid, the serial number is shown behind the processor unit and starts with P01/P02 and the power button is incorporated on the remote control. The second, instead, has a processor unit with a fixed cover, the serial number is shown behind the processor unit and starts with P03 while the power button is located in the lower part of the visor of the display.

How to connect the PS VR to the PS4

After specifying some important things, we are now ready to connect the VR viewer to the PlayStation 4.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn off both the PS4 and PS VR and connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI Out port on the console you find on the back.
  • Once this is done, connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI PS4 port on the processor unit that is always on the back. If you can not find the HDMI PS4 port, push the processor unit movable cover forward to access it and then connect the cable.
  • In the next step, grab the USB cable and insert the micro USB connector into the port on the back of the processor unit while the other to one of the free USB ports on the back or front. In this case we suggest you take advantage of the rear one as you will not have wires for the front and also the front ones are useful for connecting the controllers.
  • After connecting the processor unit to the PlayStation 4 via USB, it is now time to connect it to the TV. Insert a connector from the other HDMI cable (found in the PlayStation VR package ) into the HDMI TV port on the back of the processor unit.
  • Next, connect the other end of the same HDMI cable to one of the appropriate ports on the side or back of the TV.
  • Now, connect the two connectors of the output cable of the PS VR to the two ports of the adapter (always present in the package) paying attention to make the triangle and circle and x and square symbols coincide.
  • After doing this, connect the other end of the adapter cable to the two ports of the processor unit you find on the front. Also in this case be careful to match the symbols.
  • Once connected the viewer to the processor unit, you can choose to connect your favorite headphones or earphones to the PS VR using the appropriate 3.5mm jack input.
  • Before proceeding to switch on the PS4 and the PlayStation VR, check that you have made the connections correctly.
  • Once this is done, connect the DC connector of the display power supply to the power port on the back of the processor unit. A red light should turn on.
  • In the next step, connect the PlayStation 4 and the TV to the wall socket.
  • Now, first turn on the TV, then the console and then press the power button on the PlayStation VR found on the remote control. The activation of the display will be notified with a blue light.

After successful connection, you can set some settings of the viewer by going to Settings > Devices > PlayStation VR. In particular, you will be able to adjust the screen brightness of the PS VR, select the screen size, adjust the position, set the lights, measure the distance from eye to eye to optimize it and more. For further information, we suggest you read the official page dedicated to PS VR.


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