Android store is not always the place in which there are only perfect apps and in fact here are some applications that you absolutely must not trust

We have not yet had occasion to find an operating system that exposes a level of versatility at least comparable to that of Android. In fact, the famous Google OS has managed to understand so many users around the world that it is almost difficult to count them.

All its charm certainly comes from the possibility of hacking near and much, especially with regard to the apps. Many of these allow many interesting functions that others of other operating systems even from far away would grant. But there are also dangerous applications on Android, which often end up getting users in trouble.

Android: these 3 applications can get you various problems, be very careful

We have often brought in the best apps of the system in order to explain them to users who have an Android device. Today, however, we must warn you of anything that can create problems. In this case we are dealing with 3 malicious applications, all free and easy to download.

The first one is GO Keyboard, an application that acts as an alternative to the smartphone keyboard and that in reality is also valid. The problem is that it has been discovered that this spies users at every keystroke. So we advise you to avoid it and use the one you already have.

Afterwards you avoid downloading various cleaning applications, which can lead the internal processes of the device to conflict with each other. Finally, Facebook is a danger for you and your battery, as it can make you fill your smartphone’s storage in no time. You may find various benefits with the Lite app.


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