How to turn off the sound of the camera on iPhone

You do not want to hear the sound of the iPhone shutter when you take a picture? Do you often have to take pictures with your phone during an important conference or meeting and you can not make a noise? Can not disable the iPhone camera sound? Do not worry because in this guide I want to explain in a very precise way how to turn off the shutter sound of the iPhone and what to do if you can not lower the sound of the camera even if the silent is active.

How to turn off the iPhone shutter sound

It seems to be a discounted operation and known to all those who have an iPhone, but in reality there are many who seek the way to silence the camera of iOS devices or who can not turn off the sound effect of the shutter.

Usually, the most widespread solution used between the owners of the Apple phone to disable the sound of the camera on the iPhone and therefore the effect of the shutter during shooting, is to activate the silent mode; as you know, to put the iPhone in silent, just lower the switch on the top left next to the volume keys: in this way the iPhone is in silence and in addition to disabling the shutter sound of the camera, you’ll go turn off the sound for all notifications and incoming calls.

When you put the iPhone in silent mode, a notification will appear for a few seconds on the display with the symbol of a bell locked and the side switch will show a red bar. An alternative to mute/silent the phone is to hold down the Volume Down/- key until it is completely lowered.

Since the deactivation of all notifications is not a convenient solution for everyone, especially for those who use the phone to receive messages or important calls and at the same time have to take pictures without the sound of the shot, you need to find software alternatives that will remove the sound of the camera on the iPhone.

iOS does not offer any options to turn off the shutter effect, but in the App Store dozens of photo apps are available that offer options to turn the iPhone shutter sound on or off: so you do not have to test some to find the best (Camera +, ProCamera, Capera are the most famous that could include a toggle to turn off the sound effect of the shutter).

iPhone camera sound even in silent: what to do?

This is a problem that has directly affected me, after buying an iPhone 5S imported from Asia and precision, from Japan and that unfortunately, I was not able to solve despite the many proven solutions. If you can not turn off the iPhone camera sound and every time you take a picture you hear the sound of the shutter even in silent or lowering the volume with the side keys at most, most likely you have in your hands an iPhone imported from Japan or Korea or product for a sale intended for a these nations; in fact, since the Japanese population is numerous and being so many that in the crowded places and in the public means they can use the phone for not advisable purposes, the regulations of Japan and Korea have imposed to Apple to produce devices to sell in the Japanese territory on which it is not You can turn down the volume or turn off the iPhone shutter sound: this way, every time you take a picture or start recording a video, iPhone will sound the shutter (even if in silent/silent mode or we are using apps that make the shutter turn off) so as to signal to the people in the vicinity that a photograph was taken and to prevent unrevisable people from making inappropriate use of the camera or captured images.

To disable the iPhone shutter in a Japanese or Korean iPhone the only “official solution” is the replacement of the logic card of the phone, with the installation of a card belonging to an iPhone produced for a country other than Japan.

Alternatively, various tutorials published on the web (which I have not personally tested and therefore do not recommend), suggest some procedures for iPhone with jailbreak and explain how to turn off the sound of the camera on the Japanese iPhone. In these cases, to solve the problem we refer to the Silent Photo Chill application available on Cydia or to the manual procedure that provides for the renaming of the photoShutter.caf audio file available in the libraries of the iOS operating system and in particular in the directory


Using applications like iExplorer or iFile, we can easily reach the file of our interest and rename it for example in photoShutter-off.caf; to restore the default value, just rename it as it was at the origin.

Finally, a last procedure to disable the shutter sound on iPhone even in silent (and therefore on a device intended for sale in Japan), provides the renaming of the aforementioned file directly from iOS firmware .ipsw or a full backup done with iTunes and manipulated with a special software that can unpack these files; then just update or restore the device using the firmware or modified backup. Since I think these procedures are very dangerous and unsafe for the device to work properly, I do not report the explanation step by step. If you have a Japanese iPhone, I advise you to give up the possibility of disabling the camera shutter to not damage the device irreparably.

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