Why Instagram For Android not working properly : Here are Possible solutions

The official Instagram app is really disgusting: it’s slow, it crashes, it does not load videos and stories, it has less features than iOS, the Stories are cut .. Why?

All the problems of the Instagram app for Android. The one for iOS does not have them!

Today I will not propose any guide on Instagram, no news and no trick to make the most of this application.

Today I want to share with you a personal outburst against all the problems of the Instagram app for Android. 

It is not possible that, after years of the arrival of Instagram on the Play Store for Android smartphones, this program still has all these bugs, limits and problems that we do not find in the version of Instagram for iOS. 

Reading the comments of the Instagram app on the Android Play Store, I see that I’m not the only one to have all these problems with the famous social network app, so in this article, in addition to collecting my personal outburst, I want to try to list all the bugs, limitations and problems of the official Instagram app for Android to figure out how many they are, what they are and if you find them too.

So we won’t waste time on chatting and start seeing all the problems that Instagram on Android continues to have despite the various updates and years of development behind it.All the bugs and problems of Instagram for Android

The following is a list of all the problems I’ve encountered with Instagram for Android app until now.

And, as you can well imagine, changing phone every month (at least), all these problems are not related to the smartphone, but the Instagram app for Android, which is much worse than that for iOS and iPhone, where it works perfectly and also has additional features.

To date, I have encountered these problems in the Instagram app for Android:

  • Stories can still be seen cut off, with parts of text, GIFs or other elements that do not appear completely on the phone screen if they are on the sides. To date, in fact, Instagram for Android does not yet support smartphones in 18:9 and therefore there are problems with visualization
  • the search for GIF is very slow, while on iPhone it works much faster
  • in general, the app is slower and kneaded on Android than the iPhone version
  • compared to iOS, Android is missing features and effects for publishing stories
  • the quality of the photos and videos that are published in the Stories of Instagram via Android smartphone is much lower than what we find on iOS. If you publish a story on Instagram for Android using the camera of Instagram, the quality is very low, the videos are all jerky, wavy and full of pixels. We are therefore forced to use the “normal” camera of the phone and then publish photos and videos in the Stories
  • sometimes the videos are not loaded in the Stories, or in any case they take a lot of time even if they weigh a few MB and the connection is excellent and fast
  • sometimes it happens that, always in the Stories of Instagram, there are problems to publish phrases or surveys
  • in some cases Instagram for Android does not allow you to upload Stories: despite the optimal connection, the stories always remain in “publication” or “upload” but are not published at the end
  • many people still do not see the function to do the Direct on Instagram, or do not have the Surveys
  • Stories often do not load: the screen remains black, the history of Instagram is blocked and does not go on, even trying to recharge it is not seen and does not work properly. In short, watching the Stories of Instagram on Android is really difficult, even when the internet works well and the connection is fast
  • Instagram for Android often crashes, although this depends on the smartphone model and Android version
  • often it takes a lot of time to upload photos and videos on Instagram, despite the speed of the internet is excellent
  • when the Instagram feed is scrolled, no videos are loaded: you only see a still, locked image, but the video does not start
  • when some users try to publish a story, Instagram stops responding and the message “loading in progress” appears, but in the end the story is not published
  • many people can not delete the stories just published
  • some users do not receive notifications about likes or responses in comments
  • in some cases, inexplicably, Instagram closes on startup and crashes continuously
  • the audio of the video you are uploading in the Stories keeps on going and feeling even with the app closed (you have to restart the smartphone to solve)
  • sometimes it is impossible to publish a story that contains the GIFs. If I put the GIFs in the stories do not publish them, it remains black screen with written “uploading in progress”, but then nothing happens anymore
  • many people do not have polls, gifs, questions and more for no apparent reason
  • sometimes it is impossible to load and publish Stories, so that you have to uninstall and reinstall the app every time

Here, these are the biggest problems I found today on Instagram for Android.

As I said, just take a ride on the Play Store to read thousands of negative comments for the Instagram app for Android, which at each update, rather than improve, worse than bad. 

The amazing thing is that developers ignore negative comments, do not respond, and do nothing to fix bugs and problems that are only seen on Android.

We hope that sooner or later these endless problems of Instagram will be resolved, but, as I anticipated, I have serious doubts about it. 

If the developers of Instagram had wanted to solve them, they would have already done so without waiting for thousands of negative reviews on the Play Store. Maybe there’s something else underneath…

Instagram for iOS and iPhone works perfectly

Coincidentally, this does not happen on iPhone and iOS, where Instagram works very well, has a much better quality and graphics, everything is faster and easier to use and above all there are no bugs or problems of any kind.

Just look at the Stories of Instagram: those that are full of pixels and low quality are loaded by an Android device, while those perfectly stabilized, with fantastic colors and high definition are loaded by an iPhone.

The incredible thing is that even the Stories of Instagram uploaded by a 1000 dollar Android device are full of pixels, while those loaded by iPhone 6 or 6S are of the highest quality. Something does not come back.

It will be a coincidence that Instagram for iOS works well, while on Android is a disaster even on top of the range of 900 or 1000 dollars?

I have no elements to formulate hypotheses, certainly it seems strange that Instagram for Android has all these bugs and problems for years, while Instagram for iOS works perfectly and always has the new features and new features in preview.

We only hope that the differences between Instagram for Android and Instagram for iOS will be reset in the future, but I have serious doubts about it.


We have concluded with this new article dedicated to Instagram.

Did you also find these bugs and problems on Instagram for Android? Let us know in the comments and share with us your experience of using Instagram on Android. 

I really got tired of having to work for a program so badly done and so full of bugs, so much so that I had to buy an iPhone to be able to better manage Instagram in the workplace. Absurd.

For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article.

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