Anonymous chats: the best apps for Android and iOS of 2018

In recent years there has been a wave of anonymous chat apps for a variety of platforms. Not only they allow you to meet random strangers, but they can be used to exchange messages without disclosing your personal information.

Below we take a look at some of the best anonymous chat apps for Android and iOS so you can have private conversations again.

The best anonymous chat apps for Android and iOS 2018

Below we’ve compiled some of the best apps for anonymous and random mobile chat. Each of them allows you to talk to strangers, create secret meeting groups for friends and even exchange photos and videos, all in a secure, private and anonymous environment.

Moco (Android and iOS) anonymous chats 

Moco is one of the best socially oriented anonymous chat apps for Android and iOS, all thanks to its focus on building connections with strangers.

Moco allows you to communicate anonymously with users from around the world by sending text messages and images. Once you feel comfortable with a new friend, you can even start social games like MatchMe or FriendShop, just to kill some time. If you want to add information about yourself, Moco does not stop you, but by default it does not require your real details.

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Chatous (Android and iOS) anonymous chats 

A simple anonymous chat app with a simple goal: to allow strangers to interact with each other, without asking for personal details. Start and you can quickly find someone to talk to by examining themed rooms and hashtags. Conversations are private and anonymous and are eliminated shortly after sending, preventing the creation of any type of chat history.

Chatous works a lot like Omegle and Chatroulette but with a greater focus on the exchange of text, images and videos. The content is completely unmonitored, so you never know what you’ll find every time you enter a Chatous room!

Scandal (Android and iOS) anonymous chats 

Let’s say the truth. One of the reasons why anonymous chat apps are so fun is that you can talk about anything with anyone. Share secrets, gossip about your friends or talk about controversial topics without worries. Anonymity frees you to be yourself, a fact that the Scandal app is fully aware.

The scandal has over 20 million users. No registration is required to use the app, nor the personal data needed to start a conversation. Asynchronous group chats are also possible, so even if you do not find a live chat partner, you can continue to talk. To use Scandal, all you do is start the app and find people in your area who are ready to talk.

  • Download Scandal for iOS (some countries not available)
  • Download Scandal for Android (Android and iOS) anonymous chats 

This fun and friendly anonymous messaging service takes elements from social media and combines them into one app. Create a profile then log in to the main interface to find people to chat with. You can include as many or as little information as you like, making it easy to share details with people you know over time. The experience is focused on security while making new friends from all over the world.

Meet Me (Android and iOS) anonymous chats 

Meet Me was born as a dating site, but over time it began to embrace the random and semi-anonymous chats that its users were enjoying. The service now has over 100 million users worldwide, all of whom love to access and talk about everything they have in mind. There are some persistent social features like profile views, golden stars and fan counters, as well as a handful of web games that you can engage with your friends. Beyond that, this simple app allows you to choose a random stranger and start chatting, all without sharing your private identity.

PepperChat (Android) anonymous chats 

A simple anonymous chat app that includes only the basic functionality necessary for private, secure and anonymous conversations. Profiles are not required to have any personal information, all you do is choose a chat partner and start the conversation. Messages are never stored on the application servers for long periods of time. Only users over the age of 18 can use the app and inappropriate or offensive content is not allowed.

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AntiChat (iOS) anonymous chats 

What a name for an anonymous chat app, right? AntiChat was built from the ground up to allow users to talk to strangers with full anonymity. The service has over 1.6 million users worldwide and keeps things private by not requesting personal information and deleting messages shortly after they have been sent. It’s perfect for quick-fire chats with strangers, or you can set things up for talking to a friend without disclosing personal information.

AntiChat does not require an account to use, which makes it more anonymous than other programs. There are also rooms set up for different languages and wishes, including meeting-oriented chat rooms. The AntiChat team works hard to eliminate the bots, so you know you’re talking to a real human every time you open the app.

Psst! Anonymous (Android) anonymous chats 

A chat app with the appropriate name that has all the necessary features to talk to random people and protect personal communications. Psst! It works like an anonymous social network that allows you to connect with other users with just a few taps. You can add friends, send photos, exchange files and, of course, exchange text messages, all with full anonymity.

The interesting thing about Psst! it is that it promotes the community. By following the members you can configure notifications to see when they publish new content. It’s a unique experience to follow someone you do not know and see random parts of their life appearing in your feed.

Psst! does not allow in-app screens and does not use your information for profit. Your e-mail is required for forgotten passwords, but you’re done. All posts that appear on Psst! remains active for 48 hours and then is deleted forever.

Psst! is currently only available for Android, but an iOS version will be available soon.

NoName (iOS) anonymous chats 

Another simple app with a simple design. NoName combines simple social networking features with anonymous conversations. Use it to meet new people, talk to friends in private, or simply ward off boredom by finding a casual chat mate and talking about the weather. In both cases, you do not have to share any personal information to use NoName, so your data is safe.

NoName allows you to invite any number of people to chat. You can also share videos, photos, music and, of course, text messages, all with convenient self-destructing features to prevent data from going around. This ensures that your communications are as private as possible, freeing you up to talk about what you want.

Onymous (Android) anonymous chats 

A new anonymous chat app focused on randomness and security. Onymous lets you share text and video chats with strangers by skipping and rolling virtual dice. You are paired with chat partners available based only on your preferences: malefemale or both/or. Onymous therefore chooses a random online partner to combine it with, so the conversation begins. Above all, Onymous protects all communications with HTTPS encryption and does not store chat logs, so you know that your conversations are private.

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