Whether you’re playing an instrument, singing or creating electronic music, Android has some fantastic apps that can help you. Here is our selection.

The best apps for musicians and singers on Android


With BandLab you can create your own music. You can sing directly in the app, where the AutoPitch feature will help you stay tuned, or connect your instruments to record live. There is a wide range of beat packs and loops to download to enhance your compositions. Or you can create one through more than 100 downloadable tools.

The app is powerful and very fun. It is also accessible to those who have never done music before. If you’re looking for a paid alternative with a more professional touch, take a look at the excellent FL Studio.

Download: BandLab (free)


If you want to learn how to play the latest songs, or create musical bases to play or sing, Backtrackit is the app for you.

It takes the music from the phone and breaks it down in different ways. It shows you in what key a song is and which chords are played. You can slow down certain sections when you’re trying to master a solo or a riff. It can also remove the voice or main instrument from a track, allowing you to replace it with your performance.

Backtrackit is great for learning new songs, or just spending an evening playing with your favorite artists.

Download: Backtrackit (free)


HumOn makes it possible to compose an entire piece simply by humming in your phone.

Just sing in your phone, choose a genre (including rock, R & B and classical) and the app will transform your melody into a complete composition. From there you can play with the mix and the arrangement and record the voices. Once done, save as an MP3.

By tapping the Score button you can see both the musical notation and the chords for your song. You can edit them and add texts too. You will need to upgrade to the Pro version to export it as a PDF document. But as an effective way to turn ideas into real songs, it’s worth it.

Download: HumOn (free version available)

Pitched Tuner

Pitched Tuner stands out because it works with everything: strings, brass, woodwinds, anything.

It’s easy to use Just play a note in the phone and the app measures it, accurately up to a hundredth of a semitone. There is also a special Instrument Tuner mode that simplifies the tuning process of stringed instruments.

Download: Pitched Tuner (free)


The metronome is the best way to keep time while you play.

It’s an app with an exceptional appearance, with all the features you need.

The app supports a library of songs where you can save configurations, then combine them into a setlist for when you are running. You can also set the screen to flash with each beat instead of having to hear the tones.

Download: The Metronome (free)

Guitar Chords and Tabs

The app features chords and cards – a simplified form of musical notation for guitars – for over 800,000 pieces of music. Includes an interactive chord function that shows you the correct fingering when you need it. And if you upgrade to the Pro version, you can unlock the auto scroll function that keeps the tab page moving on the screen during playback.

Download: Guitar Chords and Tabs (free) | Guitar Chords and Tabs Pro


You can mix beats, loops, effects and samples on the fly with Remixlive. The app is easy to use, but surprisingly powerful. Get over 50 sample packages included as standard and you can buy more according to your needs. There is an integrated example editor and support for finger drumming.

When you are finished you can save your work in MP3 or other formats. You can also upload your recordings to SoundCloud, and there is also integration with the Ableton Live desktop music app.

Download: Remixlive (free version available)

Hi-Res audio recorder

Finally, here’s an app to record your music. Simply connect the headphones and you can monitor the recording. It is so useful for both music and vocals.

You need a phone that supports low latency, like some of Samsung’s latest flagship devices. Even if you do not have one, the app’s ability to record in high quality and export to MP3 is worth it.

Download: Hi-Res Audio Recorder (free, premium version available)


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