Anthem Combo Guide : Anthem Primers and Detonators Guide

Anthem’s combat system is much more varied and profound than one might think: not just firearms, but also combos and many abilities.

Inside Anthem, during the fighting, you do not just have to shoot, but you have access to a vast arsenal of skills, elemental effects and combos. Skills, usually the elemental ones, can trigger a combo, if related in the right way. Once the combo is over, the elemental effect remains, which can prove very useful to try to win chances faster, exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy and the strengths of their Strale.

The Javelin who manages to detonate the trigger of the combo will be the one who will have given the go and, as such, will receive the bonuses. To start a combo, it will be necessary to use an ability able to act as a trigger (marked with two circles, one in the other, called Primer ) and detonate (the abilities capable of doing so are marked with a star, called Detonator ).


  • Primer: Hell Grenade, Frost Grenade, Venom Darts, Shock Mace
  • Detonator: Frag Grenade, Seeking Missile, Pulse Blast, Multi-target Missile Battery


  • Primer: Mortar Firewall, Shock Coil, Flamethrower, Venom Splitter
  • Detonator: High Explosive Mortar, Lightning Coil, Siege Artillery, Railgun, Heavy Smash, Siege Cannon


  • Primer: Ice Storm, Ice Blast, Living Flame, Frost Shards, Shock Bursts, Elemental storm
  • Detonator: Elemental Storm, Lightning Strike, Burning Orb, Glacial Spear, Fiery Strike


  • Primer: Venom Bomb, Cryo Glave, Detonating Strike, Venom Spray
  • Detonator: Spark Dash, Tempest Strike, Bladed Daggers, Assassin’s Blades

The Javelin Storm can use the Elemental Storm ability to both trigger and detonate, and it also affects nearby enemies, making it very powerful and functional.

Then there are specific bonuses associated with the combos of each Javlin, and here we explain to you which:

  • Storm – Area of effect: the elemental effect extends from the enemy hit to the neighboring ones
  • Interceptor – Aura: An Aura spreads the elemental effect from the enemy struck by the combo to the neighboring ones
  • Ranger – Critical damage to the target: the target hit by the combo will suffer greater damage
  • Colossus – Area of effect: an explosion damages both the enemies hit by the combo and those nearby

As is obvious, combining elemental effects, combo bonuses and individual Javelin skills can be a winner; therefore we advise you, if you always play with the same team, to build your characters so that they are complementary and as functional as possible, if used correctly.

Recall that Anthem will be released on February 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, while it is currently available for all PC players members of Origin Access Premier.

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