Best Lightweight games for Android and iPhone

It is not always possible to have a videogame nearby or the computer to play. At such times, the smartphone can be your best friend in a queue, public transportation, or even just to get distracted. And not to detonate the battery or fry more basic handsets while having fun, we’ve listed below some lightweight mobile games for Android and iPhone.

For that list, we escaped some of the greatest cell phone hits of all time, such as: Angry BirdsCandy CrushClash Royale and so on. These you certainly already know.

10. Chicken Scream ( Android and iOS )

This game is, at the very least, curious: you control a nice chicken… With the voice, or rather, screams! Chicken Scream is a platform game, unconventional, in which the player does not use his fingers to move the character, but sound effects. I imagine that throwing it in public places may generate a certain strangeness, but surely it must be very funny among friends.

9. Sky Force Reloaded ( Android and iOS )

Who does not like a navy game? Sky Force Reloaded brings the classic form of space shooters of the generation 16 bits. You are the commander of a warship, equipped with different weapons – unlocked as the campaign progresses – and must destroy an imminent threat to the world. The story is pretty cliché, but the gameplay (which is great) is what really matters.

8. Jetpack Joyride ( Android and iOS )

A classic of smartphones, Jetpack Joyride is an “infinite race” type game. In the app, you control a salesman, extremely disillusioned, who decides to radically change his life by “borrowing” a super jetpack from a technology corporation. In the game, you need to collect coins, deflect missiles and unlock new destruction equipment. All this at high speed.

7. Zombie Tsunami ( Android and iOS )

Visually, the game is pretty weird. It looks like the characters were rendered from modeling clay. It’s ugly really, I have to talk. However, Zombie Tsunami is fun and addictive. Also of the “infinite race” type, where you control a horde of zombies and need to deflect obstacles while devouring a whole city, increasing your army of undead in the process.

6. Bejeweled Classic ( Android and iOS )

Matching jewelry puzzles never get old or fall into disinterest. And the Bejeweled series by Popcap Games (the same one that created Plants vs. Zombies ), is one of the best of the type ever made. The sound and visual effects are great while completing super combos, there are different game modes and randomly generated phases.

5. Nonstop Knight ( Android and iOS )

It may even seem like a kind of game for the lazy, but you do not have to “really” play Nonstop Knight. Just do some customizations and then put everything in automatic. Even with the app closed, you’ll still progress with your character. Of course you can speed up the process a bit if you decide to interact with your hero by customizing combos, using boosts, and collecting items.

4. Subway Surfers ( Android and iOS )

Another representative of the team “infinite race“, Subway Surfers must inhabit or already inhabited most of the smartphones of people who use public transportation. In the game, you control a teenager with no idea of the danger of “surfing”, sometimes with a skateboard, among the railroad tracks. The villain, who is actually only doing his job, is a guard who tries to stop the rebellious child from almost killing himself. But the game is super fun and always wins themed seasons.

3. Zen Pinball ( Android and iOS )

Pinball games are great: they distract, do not require as much skill to play and are usually very attractive visually. All these concepts are on the tables of Zen Pinball and more. The game gives you a free table to play, but you can buy others and even some themed and licensed by big franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Fallout and Skyrim (Bethesda).

2. Crazy Taxi Classic ( Android and iOS )

Classic PCs, and one of those games that spin up in toaster, Crazy Taxi also has its mobile version and, better, in classic mode. More than being the craziest taxi driver in the games, you can still do it with punk rock classics like “No Brakes” (The Offspring) and “Hear It” (Bad Religion), for example.

1. Helix Jump ( Android and iOS )

You probably do not know why you keep playing, nothing makes sense, but you still can not stop. With very simple but addictive gameplay, you control a ball and you need to go down a large pillar without hitting obstacles. To do this, simply move your finger across the screen to the right and left at the right time. And that’s all … But it’s wonderful and I can not stop playing. Somebody help me!

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