Apex Legends: characters, which one to choose?

Apex Legeds: which character to choose? Here is the complete guide to all the heroes in the game, with all the special abilities and the ultimate useful to win.

Apex Legends: characters and skills, which one to choose?

Apex Legends, or the battle royale that challenges Fortnite. The game, available for PS4, Xbox One and PC has won a considerable number of users a few days after its launch, and many are already looking for guides and methods to win the various games and challenges online. Apex Legends can count on different characters, all different and with different classes and abilities: which one to choose depends on the player, who must take several factors into account.

The characters of Apex Legends are 8 and they are all able to exploit a certain power and be useful on the battlefield of the free to pay license plate Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. Here are what they are and which should be selected as an adventure companion.

Apex Legends: which character to choose

The characters of Apex Legends enjoy different abilities and their use, to the maximum of their potential, depends exclusively on the player on duty: there is not in fact a character stronger than another, but only the right one in the right place.


Lifeline is perhaps one of the most indispensable female characters available on the roster: her ability is in fact Doctor of War, it allows to accelerate the resuscitation process of a member of the fallen team and can – in the healing phase – create a shield barrier able to protect the patient and herself. Also thanks to the DOC Healing Drone skill this character can heal even more team members at the same time, provided they are in a very limited sphere of action. But be careful: its healing ability in this case divides the recovery of energy according to the number of players to heal, the higher the number the less energy will be regenerated.

The character also benefits from the Service Capsule option, able to evoke a special capsule that contains defensive equipment, even if in a completely random way (the evoked objects are of higher quality than the norm, but it is not possible to choose which of they will appear inside the capsule).



Another unique supporting character: the Infiltrated ability allows the team to find the next safest point, while thanks to Grapple you can reach peaks and places that can not be traveled or easily reached. The grappling hook can also be used in battle where it allows you to approach a group of challengers to us: all this is amplified by the special move Zipline Master that allows you to use its feature to all members of the team, allowing manual battles and leaks.



Classic character able to support the group by taking many shots, Gibraltar is able to defend himself every time he takes aim to attack: this ability is in fact denuded Shield-Weapon, all this to the detriment of agility that easily exposes them to opponents blows.

Thanks to Protective Dome it is possible to defend oneself from enemies and perform different actions, being protected by bullets (but not by body attacks to cover, therefore attention). As a special move, Gibraltar can count on Rain of Fire, which in a few seconds is able to heavily bombard a certain selected area, eliminating anyone who is under his unstoppable fire. Classic character to play your defense game, rather than attacking.



Extremely versatile attacking character. Bangalore has the Double Time ability, which increases the speed of a shot when hit by the enemy fire, while Iron Shield allows you to use a dense cloud useful in various situations, from assault to cure.

Turbot is his special move and even here, it is a real carpet bombardment, with a slightly more cumbersome activation and less immediate than the Gibraltar special.



Wraith is a strange character, perhaps one of the most difficult to use in the game because of his slightly more complicated skills. Voices from the oblivion allow him to identify any danger and a close threat, which is promptly rendered useless when a teammate manages to neutralize it.

In Oblivion, on the other hand, it allows you to move in another dimension and to circumvent enemies and possible dangerous damage for our survival, besides being able to count on the surprise effect in case of attack on the enemies (attention to the trace left by the character, able to let you discover).

Wraith has a final move called Dimensional Door: similar to the Portal game, this ability allows you to open a first gap and a second in the most appropriate position, chosen by the player himself, creating a bridge link for a quick move. The effect, however, has a duration limited to one minute exactly from its creation, which involves several disadvantages in battle.



Huntress, enjoys the Hound skill: this allows you to see and follow the traces of the adversaries, making her an extraordinary informant provided you are good at communicating with the members of your team.

To this Eye of the gods is also added, which literally discovers all the enemies and the traps, even if in a very small range of action: to exploit in the interior, where it proves extremely useful.

His ultimate move is Primordial Instinct: the character is able to amplify the five senses to the maximum and increase their speed exponentially, reaching the identified adversaries in a flash. This is a character that is best used to be really useful, better to try it in different games to better understand their potential in battle.



Caustic, along with Mirage, is part of the characters to unlock through the purchase. This is another super tank, just like Gibraltar, but it is able to provide players with a significant control factor on the field of play thanks to the harmful Nox Vision gas.

This is followed by the Gas Nox trap, which can significantly damage an opponent who has come into contact with it in a very short time, also allowing the possibility of creating more traps for a dreadful potentially lethal chain effect.

His final move is Granule Gas Novox, able to create a harmful cloud extended for a large range of action: the negative side of the character, who still enjoys skills oriented to significant damage, is the evidence of their attacks (date precisely from the presence of toxic clouds).


Another character to buy, Mirage bases its potential on deception skills that can surprise and confuse opponents. It allows you to create a copy of the character for five seconds, useful to defend yourself in case of attack, provided you have an immediate action plan that includes help from a member of the team.

This ability is enhanced with Deception, which creates a real mirror of the larks with the features copied by the character, to move and allocate in a point chosen by us: there will be few enemies to be deceived by your bait. His final move is to disappear, which activates a series of traps and baits that can disorient opponents, giving you and your team time to save.

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