How to listen to Spotify without ads and offline

In this guide we will see a trick to listen to Spotify Free without advertising breaks and offline, like on Spotify Premium, but for free, and does not require third-party apps and services. Here is the procedure to follow.

Spotify has announced the suspension for those who bypass advertising with third-party systems and apps. From March 15, users will be required to accept the new terms and conditions of use if they want to continue using the platform, otherwise they will have to close their account. Spotify has clearly specified that the use of any ad blocker or bot is not allowed and that fraudulent streaming activity is not allowed.

Want to listen to Spotify in offline mode and without commercials but you do not have Spotify Premium? There is a way to enjoy the premium features of Spotify for free. You do not know it? Here is the procedure to follow to get the benefits of Spotify Premium for free without the need for a subscription and without “illegal” systems.

Spotify Premium for free: offline and without cost-free advertising

Listening to Spotify for free without ads and offline is one of the dreams of Spotify users from smartphones. The app of Spotify, in fact, is very useful for listening to music on the move, so that now has replaced the playlists on the phone, iTunes and YouTube.

However, those who listen to Spotify from an iPhone or Android smartphone must consider a considerable 3G data consumption, in addition, of course, to the continuous advertising interruptions during the playback of the songs. The best-known way to listen to music on Spotify without Internet and without advertising is to have a subscription to Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium is not free and offers, at a price of $9.99 per month, additional services compared to the free plan: there are no mandatory commercial breaks, the quality of audio streaming can be increased to 320kbps and, above all, you can download albums and playlists locally and then listen to them offline.

Even if it is not an excessive expense, not everyone is willing to put their wallet in the Spotify Premium monthly subscription, or you just want to know if there is a way to listen to music on Spotify offline and without advertising with the free account. Maybe not everyone knows, but there is a very simple trick that allows you to listen to the songs without advertising on the app of Spotify from your smartphone.

The procedure does not require the installation of programs and is not risky for your device, as it is only a small strategy that allows not to consume data and have the music of Spotify within reach of smartphone even without the use of 3G.

Spotify for free without ads and in offline mode on smartphones

With Spotify Premium you can save the songs directly on your smartphone and then, by going on “Stay offline”, play them away from home, train or subway. But, as we said at the beginning, to listen to Playlists on Spotify without using 3G or Wifi data you will need a Premium subscription. Also you can listen to music without those hateful commercial breaks that do not make you fully enjoy listening.

All you have to do to carry out the process that will allow you to have the advantages of Spotify Premium for free is to have a free account but have already taken advantage of the free trial of Premium.

Add your favorite songs in “Songs” with the “+” button and create your own playlist.

After listening to the usual 30 seconds of advertising you can activate airplane mode to avoid data traffic. At this point you are wondering how it is possible that Spotify free play the songs without tapping into a 3G or Wifi network. Well, by pressing the Play button you can listen to up to 6 tracks for a total of about 20 minutes, without commercial breaks and offline.

For make-up work, however, you should have imported songs previously with the offer. In addition, the playlist will have to be quite thick and composed of about 40-50 songs. In fact, with the short playlist, we found that Spotify will reproduce less.

Spotify without advertising and offline: Premium free and offers

From Spotify Free you can, with a simple trick that does not require the download of third-party apps or programs, listen to songs and playlists from offline and without commercial breaks. This method that we have described to you can be very useful to listen to music on Spotify when you do not have internet connection or you are tired of advertising on the most beautiful.

However, in some periods you can take advantage of the Spotify offers and activate the subscription for free or reduced price.

For example, in the summer and at Christmas Spotify has made available promotions for those who have never signed up for the subscription to Spotify Premium, but also discounts for loyal users.

In fact, who has never activated Spotify can have free trial for 30 days: deciding to renew the subscription of Premium at the cost of $9.99 per month. Another periodically recurring offer consists of 3 months of Spotify Premium at a cost of $0.99, again for those who have never been a Spotify Premium user. Alternatively, you can save money by subscribing to the family package, and sharing the amount of Spotify Premium with friends and family.

Those who have already taken advantage of Premium or have done the free 30-day trial could opt for the 3-month promotion for the price of 1, paying only $9.99. The Spotify offers are over, but it is advisable to keep an eye on the site so as not to miss out on the new promotions that will arrive in the coming months.

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