Apex Legends mobile for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends is the game of the moment that challenges Fortnite: also the version for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, to play from mobile.

Apex Legends for smartphones and tablets is about to become reality: the most played battle royale of the moment could soon reach even for iOS and Android devices, giving users the opportunity to play from mobile too.

In fact, Apex Legends is in fact only available for PS4Xbox One and PC, where a few weeks after its launch has become a real phenomenon, involving about 25 million users and exceeding the Fortnite record regarding the hours of viewing on Twitch.

Just Fortnite could fear not a little the arrival of the game developed by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, where currently reigns unchallenged in the field of mobile gaming.

Apex Legends for iOS and Android: when it comes out

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, provides more of a hope for Apex Legends’ mobile debut. On the sidelines of the Electronic Arts Q3 2019 Wilson has admitted that in the company’s plans is to bring the game on iOS and Android mobile devices, just to directly oppose the Fortnite domain (especially in Asia).

Obviously, you do not have an official debut date for the download of this version, which would certainly delight all fans. This statement is added to a further series of details that would confirm the intention to launch Apex Legends on mobile: in the intent of the developers there is in fact the support to cross-play, which would allow you to play on all the various game platforms available with your profile.

Apex Legends: coming to Nintendo Switch too?

And when it comes to mobile gaming, the best alternative to smartphones and tablets is provided by Nintendo Switch: the console of the big N does not yet count among its titles Apex Legends, a lack that could also be filled soon.

Respawn Entertanment has recently admitted that the intention to bring Apex Legends also on Switch is there, and is part of the development team’s plans. The timing, even here, are shrouded in mystery: you can guess a mobile debut on all available platforms, retracing some of the same streets of Fortnite.

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