“App Not Installed” Error Android? Turn off Google Play Protect

While trying to install a program or an APK app on Android, the error “App not installed” appears. Turn off Google Play Protect to solve the problem

Turn off Google Play Protect Android to install apps in APK format

This afternoon I was installing a normal APK file manually on my Android smartphone, but, during the installation process, I came across the error “App not installed”. 

Initially I thought that the APK file I downloaded was “failed”, so I downloaded it from the same source, but the problem “App not installed” continued to appear.

So I tried to download the APK file from another source, but the error “App not installed” still appeared during installation.

I restarted the smartphone, but nothing to do. I thought it was a problem of my smartphone, so I tried to install the APK file on 2 other Android devices, but the error “App not installed” continued to appear. 

Then, doing some research on the internet, I discovered that the problem was related to the software Google Play Protect, which prevented the installation of the APK file for security reasons. So I deactivated Google Play Protect and I managed to install my APK file without problems.

Since the problem “App not installed” is very common on Android smartphones and tablets, I decided to publish a guide in which I explain how to solve it easily and quickly by turning off Google Play Protect.

If you also came across this problem and can not solve it, I’ll explain how to do it quickly and easily. Let’s begin!

Turn off Google Play Protect on any Android smartphone or tablet

Without making you waste too much time, I’ll tell you in short that Google has added a security system for apps that are not downloaded from Google Play called “Play Protect”.

It is therefore a software that makes our Android smartphones and tablets safer and protects us from viruses, malware or other apps that could endanger our personal data (or do much worse).

It may happen, however, that Google Play Protect prevents the installation of normal programs, which are not dangerous, so let’s see how to disable it to install what we want on Android. 

To disable Google Play Protect on Android you need to:

  • Open the “Play Store” app
  • Touch the Menu button (the 3 lines on the top left)
  • Select the “Play Protect” option
  • Disable the option “Search security threats


Now try to install the APK file that you were in error and you will see that the installation will be completed without any problem. Try it yourself!

Remember that after deactivating Google Play Protect and installing the app of your interest, if you want to keep your smartphone safe and secure, you must reactivate Google Play Protect by doing the reverse procedure.

In case of doubts, questions or problems, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

I hope I helped you solve your problems with Google Play Protect and with the “App not installed” error. See you next time!

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