5 Best Online Video Editor, Free and Without Watermark

While using free resources such as software and online services to manage and edit video clips, you are not always free to work as you see fit, as in most cases these tools have obvious limitations in the tools and in some cases they place deliberately and necessarily the service logo used.

As most of you will know, that small image that is purposely inserted by the service provider is known as the watermark. Essentially the watermark is nothing more than a digital mark (usually the logo) that identifies the author or the product of a certain file that can be a video, a simple photo or an audio file to which they give copyright information. So we asked ourselves: Are there online resources that allow you to edit and format videos that do not forcefully insert your own watermark?

The answer to these questions is contained in the rest of the focus in which we will show in detail 5 online video editors free and without watermark. Some might ask: is it not convenient to use ad hoc software? Yes, it is a possible solution, but we would like to remind you that software created for editing videos is available at a fairly expensive cost and can also significantly slow down the performance of our PC.

Site index:

  1. Movie Maker Online
  2. Clipchamp
  3. Hippo Video
  4. Video Toolbox
  5. Video Cutter

1. Movie Maker Online – ^

Movie Maker Online is the first free online resource that offers users a video editor that allows you to make any kind of clips without watermarks. This tool allows you to create videos from personal photos, which can be loaded on the platform, sorted according to your preferences and you can easily add filters and effects to get a great result. As soon as you arrive on the home of the service, you will immediately understand that it is a very simple resource to use, so it is also suitable for those who do not have extensive knowledge on video editing. If you are looking for a resource that allows you to edit or create a personal video without watermark, then you must try out Movie Maker Online once.

2. Clipchamp – ^

The second discovery with regard to free online video editors is ClipChamb that compared to the previous tool also offers an advanced editor where there is a large library of images to be used in their projects (available in the paid version). To create your own videos just upload the photos and distribute them in an orderly manner on the offer timeline. Then you have the possibility to apply filters and effects to the entire clip or to every single image as well as of course manage the saturation and exposure of the photos. The only flaw of the free version is that you can only download SD video (480p).

3. Hippo Video – ^

Have you ever heard of the Hippo Video website? Its name may seem like a joke, but in reality it is not so, in fact it is a useful tool that allows the creation and editing of videos directly online. Its features are very similar to ClipChamb only that with this platform you can upload videos directly from a PC, record one using your webcam and insert music tracks using cloud services such as Google Drive. But the best feature is that no particular watermark will be present in the final result. Definitely to try.

4. Video Toolbox – ^

Now, it’s time to mention and describe what we think is the best free web resource for editing and managing video clips. The site in question is called Video Toolbox and is undoubtedly the most complex and difficult to use because of its many features. But to achieve our goal most of the features presented are useless or even ineffective for the type of work we have to do. It offers the possibility to load a video clip already created of up to 1500 MB (should be enough for non-professional videos) and also allows you to crop and merge video files. In order to exploit this resource, we need to create a free account and once activated we can proceed with our personal creations.

5. Video Cutter – ^

We close today’s article with the latest tool called Video Cutter which is nothing more than a simple tool used only for editing and managing video, but not for creation. Essentially it allows you to upload videos from your PC and make the necessary changes as well as record a clip with the webcam. If you are looking for something less complete, but easier to manage, Video Cutter could be a good tool.

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