App to download music from Youtube on iPhone and iPad

The apps to download music from YouTube on iPhone and iPad are not many, especially if you intend to rely on applications that allow you to download for free.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to download the mp3 directly on our iOS device because it would go against Apple’s policies.

However, there are apps that bypass this problem. We are talking about browsers with an integrated file manager.

These browsers allow us to download videos directly from YouTube and save them in an integrated file manager.

Once downloaded, we can listen to them at any time, just as if we had downloaded a video from YouTube into an mp3 file. In this guide, we’re going to offer you a list of the best apps to download music and videos from YouTube.

How to download music from Youtube on iPhone and iPad

So there is no real app that allows us to download music directly from YouTube and use it in the Music app.

However, on the App Store there are several browsers with integrated file manager that allow you to download videos from the Google portal.

All those that we are going to propose you work very well in free form, even if they require a cost to unlock additional features.

Total Downloader

We had proposed it to our list for the best browsers on the iPhone. It is a browser with an integrated file manager that allows us to download any type of file. So it’s perfect for downloading videos from YouTube.

To do so just open the app and, through the browser, go to search for the video from YouTube. Once found, we will automatically be offered to download the video.

After starting the download, simply go to the files to view and play it. In the Files section and in the Download folder will present all the files we have downloaded. We can also play videos in the background.

This app is one of the best on the App Store and is available for free. However, you can pay to unlock other features, such as downloading multiple files simultaneously.

DOWNLOAD | Total Downloader

Browser and File Manager for Documents

This app, whose name is a bit ‘long perhaps, defends itself well from that proposed previously. The operation is similar to that of Total.

In the browser section, simply enter the address of the Google portal. Once the video is found and opened, we will automatically be offered to download the open video. After the download has been downloaded we can play the video and listen to the audio.

We can also play it in the background.

DOWNLOAD | Browser and File Manager for Documents


As we have seen, there are no apps that directly download music from YouTube to mp3 files and insert them into the Music app. However, thanks to these browsers we can get around the problem and download the videos and listen to them whenever we want.

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