Free up space on iPhone: The complete guide

Since Apple launched its first iPhone it always gives us a memory cut and doesn’t allow us to use SD cards. Compared to Android devices, in Cupertino, this continues to be a way not to be followed.

With the presentation of the new iPhone models, the minimum rose from 16 to 32 GB. But are they really enough? Especially if you love shooting videos in HD or 4K you will certainly have noticed the space they occupy.

Unless you have purchased a model of the iPhone 64 GB or 128 GB, sooner or later space will start to be little.

What to do in this case? Although memory cleaning on iPhones is not very publicized, it remains the shortest and safest route. Especially as regards the multimedia files, in fact, we can safely upload them to a cloud service or a storage medium.

However, it is not just these data that take up space on your Apple devices. Today we will go to see together how you can free space on the iPhone to increase the memory available free memory without losing what interests us. All you need is a few minutes to read the article and your smartphone at your fingertips.

Freeing up space on iPhone

As each user uses the smartphone in a very personal way, there is no single way to free up space on the iPhone. It would be stupid to advise you to archive photos and videos if you take a few. So, before you see the methods to use there is one thing you need to do.

To check which are the biggest “blocks” in your iPhone, follow the following path:  settings/general/space on the device and iCloud/manage space. Here you will find a summary, broken down by application, of the memory used on your device.

Now let’s go into more detail to see how to free up space on your iPhone.

Delete Safari web data

Like all browsers, Safari also downloads a good amount of data from the pages you visit to speed up browsing. You will not do wonders, but if it goes well you will be able to free 1 GB or 2 GB of space. All you have to do is go to settings / Safari / delete website data and then confirm.

We also advise you, on using other browsers ( eg: Chrome ), to perform the same operation to clear caches and web data.

Delete applications that you do not use

It happens more often, especially with games, to find themselves dealing with applications from hundreds of megs. Once you do not use them anymore your iPhone’s memory will not magically clean itself. Also consider that many of these applications use extra content that will occupy even more space.

To give you an example, CSR Racing 2,  which at the time of download weighed 1.9 GB, after various updates and a period of play has reached 2.99 GB. So why not take the trouble to uninstall what we do not use anymore? The procedure is really simple.

Go back to settings/general/space on the device and iCloud/manage space and tap on the application you want to delete. In the following menu select delete apps and then confirm.

If you use a lot of music streaming apps, do not forget to check the space occupied by the tracks. Both on  Apple Music and on Spotify, you can select the desired quality at the time of download. In this you will be able to save a good part of the space occupied on the iPhone, lowering the bit rate.

Enable backup of photos on iCloud

Apple’s backup service, iCloud, which is so useful in order not to lose even one of our data, can also be convenient for freeing up space on iPhone.

If we take it in reference to the photos in fact, iCloud allows you to store the photos you have taken with your iPhone, but also to choose whether to maintain the original quality or optimize them. In this way, once you upload your images will be replaced by a copy with a lower resolution.

To activate this feature you will need to follow this path: Apple / iCloud settings / ID / photo. In the screen that you are facing, select the  “optimize iPhone space”  and you’re done!

Listen to streamed songs on iPhone

As we anticipated earlier, there are valid alternatives for streaming the music library. If your library of songs is quite thick, all you have to do is select the songs that you do not want to keep on your device and delete them. You can do this whether you use Apple Music or other Spotify services.

To remember, that although Apple Music is a subscription service, you will have the possibility to listen in a completely free way the songs you purchased through iTunes, without downloading them.

For Spotify instead the speech is very simple. If you have already downloaded albums and playlists all you have to do is enter the application. Here, in the library, open the album or playlist you want to delete from the iPhone’s memory.

At the top right you will find the tick ” download selected“. Just move the switch to the left and all the songs in the album will be deleted from the physical memory, but still available for streaming.

Delete screenshots no longer needed

We take more shots of screenshots. It remains the fastest way to share an image or text that you find on the internet with your friends. But once sent, do we remember to eliminate it? Fortunately for you, the iPhone gallery is really well done and you will find all your contents in a very simple way.

To delete screenshots and free space on iPhone, just open the photo application and scroll to screen snapshots. Here, at the top right you will find the selection optionOnce pressed you will have the opportunity to choose one or more photos to be deleted. To complete, select the basket icon at the bottom right and confirm.

Use cloud storage services

Another alternative, if you use a lot of heavy files, is to save them in a cloud backup service. In this way, simply having a connection available you can access it at any time. iCloud is really well done, allows automatic backup, but suffers from a strong limitation. The available space, in fact, unless you sign up for a subscription, is only  5 GB. 

Precisely for this reason the advice we give you is to use other services that are available for free on the App Store. For convenience we list them together with the free space, putting the link directly in the service name.

If you decide to use these three services in tandem then you have at your disposal  67 GB in a completely free and without time limitations.

These are the methods to free up space on the iPhone that will give you the best results. If you have any doubts or questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us via the comments box.

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