SoundCloud is a very popular platform for those who love independent music, allowing, in fact, many young artists, or those who are far from the logic of labels and the market to make their music listen for free.

SoundCloud has become fundamental for all those who do not give up making music, since its launch some 10 years ago, even though far from the mainstream channel. It is not difficult to find good quality music in the catalog of this excellent service.

SoundCloud has a good Android client very well made and engaging but lacks the possibility of being able to download your own music to hear it when you are offline.

So a coder of xda, DeveDroid, has created a small and simple app: it’s called DownCloud that allows you to download from SoundCloud all the music you want in mp3 format, so you can enjoy it even when you’re offline.

DownCloud: downloading music from SoundCloud is easy!

The app was made using the bees that SoundCloud itself makes available and to date does not violate the rights of any saw that the songs on the platform are free, and on the desktop are freely downloadable.

DownCloud is only available for Android, and is very easy to use: just search for the song you are interested in and then tap to choose to download it or listen to it. The downloaded tracks can be found on the Downloaded tab and in the DownCloud folder directly in your internal memory.

The app is free but there is advertising.

It should be noted that most of the songs published on SoundCloud are also published on YouTube , if you want to take them from there we recommend the spectacular YMusic :

Moreover, if you simply want to download Mp3 on Android, we have made a post that summarizes all the most effective ways:

DownCloud installation

Installing DownCloud is very simple, just a few steps:

  • Download the updated apk from this address
  • Install it as you normally do with executables on Android (if you do not remember a passage just consult our guide)

After installation, have fun with your favorite music, if you want to know more about this project you can consult his topic on XDA.

We are pleased you enjoyed this little guide on how to download music from SoundCloud and if you like the music of the artists that this portal offers. For other suggestions and guides, do not forget to follow us also through our social networks  Facebook and Twitter.


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