Download all videos in a YouTube playlist

Have you ever found a Youtube video playlist so interesting that you want to download it to your device or PC? If you do not know how to download videos of a Youtube playlist then you have come across the right article: below we will show you how to proceed to download all the movies in a playlist.

We will see a couple of web services or software that in addition to allowing you to download a video at a time will also allow you to download the entire playlists in a few simple clicks.

4K Video Downloader

The first tool that we are going to propose is a software to be installed on the PC. It allows us to download playlists and even whole channels. Moreover, a noteworthy feature is that which gives us the possibility to integrate subtitles within the video, naturally if present in the video on youtube.

It also supports video downloads from other sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion and so on.

Now let’s see how to download a playlist. First of all let’s download and install the program from here by clicking on ” Get 4k Video Downloader “. Once installed and started, the program will present itself with this interface:

Go to YouTube by looking for a playlist that interests you, then return to the program and click on the icon on the top left “Paste Link“. At this point a window will appear in which you have to press on “Download Playlist“.

In the next window there will be the possibility to choose whether to extract only the audio or download the whole video and also to choose the output format of the video/audio.


KeepVid requires installation and is very similar to 4k Downloader. The program allows you to download individual videos or Youtube playlists. Let’s see in detail how to do it. First of all we download and install the program, available from here by clicking on “Try It Free“. Once installed the program looks like this:

To download copy the address of the playlist or Youtube video first, then open the program and click on the “Paste URL” button on the top left. You will see a window containing all the videos in the playlist, once you have chosen the quality and the save folder, click on “Download“.

At the bottom you can also choose the quality of the video to download.

All very simple, don’t you think?

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