Best Apps to edit videos with iPhone

The second funniest thing after recording a video with your iPhone is to edit it and share it with friends through social networks. For this, it is good to use the best applications to edit video on the iPhone because this allows us to do so in a comfortable and fast.

With these apps, we recommend you can get unforgettable videos, and after a short procedure, you can share them with your family or friends. Read on and you’ll discover the best apps to edit videos on iPhone.

App to edit videos on iPhone

Reel Director

Reel Director is one of the apps that we immediately notice when we look for the best applications to edit videos on iPhone. Because within its user interface that is not complicated to use, we also find a multitude of features for customization, in addition to the basic options to merge several videos or include custom titles. It is not the best app but one of the most balanced.


This is one of the strangest and most modern video editing applications at the same time. Imagine that you recorded a video on the beach and that same day your friends were recording, but from different angles. The program is able to analyze the videos and convert them all into a single video … very special, no?


It is the best application to edit videos on iPhone,  it is a true legend: it is called Magisto and has managed to be so successful that it already has more than  50 million users. What’s special about the app is that it allows you to apply filters, has a system to cut and merge video and also allows you to publish the results quickly on social networks.


Let’s not forget the “official” option. The iMovie application is the proposal made by Apple itself to edit videos on iPhone. It has many advantages and a wide availability of functions that do not exist in other applications. Technical support is a luxury and, in general, the standard that Apple has accustomed to the public is maintained.

Lumify Video Editor

Lumify Video Editor has received the title of best video editing application for iPhone by many specialized media and has achieved this result thanks to the great effort of its creators. The user is faced with an easy-to-use interface, packed with editing options that come close to professional levels and support for 1080p. Videos can be shared not only on Instagram or YouTube but also on messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Which do you prefer?

The iPhone users who want to edit their videos found in the App Store of Apple many apps to meet this need. Which one do you use? Do you think there are other apps to edit videos on iPhone?

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