You might need to remove the audio from a video that you shot with your Android phone or tablet and that you plan to publish on the internet (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.), maybe because during recording at some point we started talking and saying things that should not be repeated on social media.

In this case, if you do not have the possibility to make a new recording because the subject is no longer available, if you do not want to give up the publication of the movie, then the solution is to delete the audio part from the video. In this case, the free version of the Video2me application for Android devices may come in handy.
Easy to use, it also works offline, once Video2me starts, starting from the home screen press Video> Edit and in the “Select Video (s)” screen that will be displayed select the video you want to mute.

The video in question will automatically be reproduced immediately afterwards in the “Edit” screen to which you will be directed (you can pause it if necessary if it annoys you).
In this screen, at the bottom, the toolbar is made available, in which among the various editing options that can be applied to the video, you must identify and select with a touch the “Mute” option and then confirm by tapping the Agree button.

Immediately afterwards, the processing phase of the change will start on the video in question (depending on the length of the movie, it may take a long time, in this case you can press the “Hide and notify” button to hide everything and then be alerted with a notification of the end of the process).

The silenced movie will be made available in the “Gallery” of the cell phone under the “Video2me” folder; obviously the original video is in no way deleted or overwritten, but will remain intact and available in its normal position.

Compatible with Android: 4.4 and later versions Size: 26 MB | Download Video2me