Apple Watch is a device really useful and appreciated by many people: not only by athletes but also by those who are attentive to elegance and design, given the presence of luxury models very expensive and virtually indistinguishable from normal watches. And yet, what always makes the difference is its beating heart: a digital heart made of truly extraordinary and functional applications.

That’s why today we’ll show you a list of the 8 most useful apps for Apple Watch, so you can make the most of the potential of this amazing device.

Applications for Apple Watch

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At the top of the list of the most useful app for Apple Watch, we find Cardiogram: it is a very simple application to use, but also indispensable in terms of health, because one day it could even save your life. What is it? Cardiogram is an application that allows your Apple Watch to measure the frequency of the heartbeat: the detections take place every five minutes, and are essential to keep an eye on the state of your heart, so you can immediately understand if there is something that does not square.

You can also add the context, so indicate if at that time you’re training in the gym, you’re running or just walking.

This will allow the app to measure the beat level and compare it correctly to the activity you are doing. Finally, there is also a daily updated ranking of your friends’ beats.

Night Sky


In second place in the ranking of the most useful app for Apple Watch is Night Sky: an application that is a real planetarium, which you can customize and which you can use by exploiting its augmented reality.

In practice, thanks to this application you can quickly discover all the stars, the constellations and all the planets, simply by holding up your watch and moving it in different directions.

You can use it at any time and you can even play it with its “time machine” function, which lets you go backwards and see how the stars have moved throughout the day.

Not only it is fun to use, but also very informative.



MySwimPro is a great classic that probably does not need any presentation: it is, in fact, an app for Apple Watch that can, of course, be used only in models of waterproof watches. This application, specifically, allows you to record all your workouts in the pool when you’re in the water.

What do you do, exactly? The app traces the beginning of your route automatically, so as not to commit for only one tenth of a second. Once you are out of the pool, the application will stop and show you all the detailed information on what you did when you were in the water.

In fact, it is an app comparable to RunKeeper, only designed for swimmers.

Triplt: Travel Organizer


Another of the most useful apps for Apple Watch is Triplt: Travel Organizer. We are talking about an application that is practically essential for those who travel often, so its arrival on the Apple watch made it even more important and easy to use. The application simply requires access to your inbox, to be able to check it automatically and to find confirmation messages related to your reservations.

In practice, it tells you everything you should know, when you should know. For example, if you are about to board a plane, it will show you the flight number and also the departure time: if you check in, you will see all the booking references.

Even though it’s a free app, by upgrading for a fee, you can monitor flight notifications in real time and even seats.

Sleep Watch


We all know how important it is to sleep properly, to be able to recover the energies well and to allow our body and mind to regenerate. That’s why an app like Sleep Watch turns out to be decisive: it is an application that monitors the sleep phase and automatically keeps track of when you fall asleep.

Among its many useful features, we find the feedback on changes related to the frequency of your heartbeat, and also reports on how much sleep you have accumulated at night. Of course you can check all the trends recorded not only during the day, but also during the week or the entire month.

Unfortunately, however, this app does not take into account the battery of the Apple Watch, which may not be enough.



If you want to track your ride or your walk, then Strava is definitely one of the most useful app for Apple Watch. This is because the app uses the watch’s GPS to record your physical activity: which means you will not have to carry your smartphone with you to do all of this.

Its interface is rather simple and spartan, but it tells you exactly what you should know: such as your heart rate, the kilometers traveled and the journey time of the track.

You can also compare your results with those of the Strava user community, adding a little bit of competition to your activities.

Microsoft Translator


Microsoft Translator is an app to say the least exceptional, almost futuristic: do you remember the universal translator used in Star Trek? Well, this application looks a lot like it. This is because it allows you to translate a huge amount of languages, without requiring you to pay any money, as it is free. How does it work?

Basically, just point the clock at the speaker, or at yourself, to get a simultaneous translation on the screen.

You can also search for the most recent translations, or mark certain words or phrases in the clipboard in particular, so that you can then consult them very quickly. Really an extraordinary app, almost a witchcraft.



Cheatsheet is also one of the most useful apps for Apple Watch, although less flashy than the others listed today.

However, it could also become the most used application throughout the day: this allows you to annotate anything you want, functioning as a real digital calendar.

Thanks to Cheatsheet, you can set reminders and avoid missing those important appointments.

You can easily add, edit or delete various reminders so you can use them very quickly.

Of course, this app is not designed to store information to keep you safe and away from prying eyes, but it helps you say goodbye to annoying sheets of paper.