In this article, we will see best 5 sites to convert EPUB files to MOBI online. Many of these services will also allow you to save these documents in PDF format, while others also have a batch function to convert multiple EPUB files simultaneously.

In addition to these features, you will find other meritorious citation: such as the opportunity to upload the above documents from cloud accounts such as Google Drive and Dropbox, or the ability to save them on your computer with a simple click. There is nothing left to do, therefore, that discover these very useful platforms.

eBook to PDF

The first of the best sites to convert EPUB files to MOBI online is eBook to PDF. Specifically, there are two features that make it so special: in the meantime you can add up to 20 EPUB files for conversion, and then you have a maximum limit for uploading a single file of 50 MB, which is sufficient in most cases.

The second interesting feature is the following: it is not necessary to manually activate the conversion process, since you simply need to upload the files to get this result automatically. Then you can choose to download the converted files one by one, or in a ZIP archive.


Convertio has a number of special features that make it a mandatory presence on our list of the best sites to convert EPUB files to MOBI online. for example, you can convert two files in parallel at a time, with a maximum size of 100 MB per document.

After that, you can start converting the next two files placed in the queue. Even here you can choose whether to save them individually, or if you want to download them in ZIP format. Then, you can save them as an alternative to your Dropbox or Google Drive account as well. The same is true for loading input files, which can also be done via these cloud servers.

Another site to watch out for is a platform devoted to simplicity, given its particularly usable web interface. Furthermore, there is the possibility to upload multiple EPUB files one after the other. As if this were not enough, the conversion of files uploaded to the portal takes place automatically, without you having to do anything. The only stain is the maximum file size, which is not specified by the platform.

Then, for every single converted EPUB file, you will be provided with a link to use to download the output document to your computer.

Online Converter

Even Online Converter enters right in the list of the best sites to convert EPUB files to MOBI online, again in this case because of its ease of use. Consider that this portal serves only this, and that it has no extra options. In addition to being able to upload the file from your computer, however, you can also provide an online link directly. In addition, you will have a maximum limit on file size of 200 MB. Once you have added the EPUB file, you can easily start the conversion, which is not automatic.

The last site we’ll talk about in this article is This web platform has some features that you probably will not find in others: or at least not in the ones we have provided you today. Specifically, you can customize the font size, and even add a frame to the output file in MOBI.