Release of Apple AirPower is truly a mystery: the carpet for wireless charging of the iPhone and Apple Watch is coming. How much will it cost?Apple AirPower: when will it come out, price, features

Apple AirPower is really an accessory wrapped in mystery: its existence was announced more than a year ago, during the presentation of iPhone X, and many await an output that, to date, has not yet happened. What are the characteristics, the price and when will the wireless charging base reserved for Apple devices arrive?

The launch of AirPower was scheduled for 2018: in the presentation films of the new iPhone, the potentials of Apple’s wireless charging mat were illustrated, which saw it as the protagonist of everyday life situations at the tables of bars, restaurants and in hotel rooms.

Since then, the total silence and frustration of the users of the apple, who have quickly turned to alternative devices to exploit the potential of wireless charging. Now, something seems to be moving: the arrival of AirPower could be imminent, according to the latest rumors.

AirPower: output, specifications, price

The upcoming release of Apple AirPower appears to have been confirmed by some tweets shared by ChargerLAB, which provided new details about its release “Air Power is finally coming. We have learned from a trusted source in the production chain that Luxshare Precision has already started assembling the Apple charging mat.”

Side noteLuxshare Precision also produces other apple accessories, such as AirPods and USB-C charging cables, confirming not only the accessory’s production but also the reliability of the accessory.

This first confirmation follows another indiscretion, which warns of the start of production on a large scale from next January 21st. According to an anonymous source, an employee of Pegatron (a consumer electronics company on behalf of major brands, including Apple) states that AirPower will be equipped with three layers of coils, with an 8-7-7 configuration that will go from bottom to up.

A power necessary to make AirPower a unique tool on the market: the peculiarity of the Apple wireless charging mat will be to charge at the same time iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch, providing truly unique functions for Cupertino ecosystem enthusiasts.

The design, as seen previously, will be minimal, with a white station (do not know yet if other colors will be available) and wide enough to be able to simultaneously support the various Apple devices.

The large-scale production from the end of January goes to confirm what was already revealed by the popular leaker and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who had planned the launch of the accessory in the first three months of 2019. The starting price, again according to the rumors, could be quite high: we talk about 200 dollars or more, for further confirmation we must wait for the presence of AirPower on the official website.


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