Kingdom Hearts 3: how to unlock secret ending

How to unlock the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3: the third chapter for PS4 and Xbox One confirms the tradition of the secret ending, here’s how to see it.

Kingdom Hearts 3, like most of the titles in the saga, offers a hidden secret ending that can only be unlocked by respecting certain special conditions. Knowing how to unlock the secret ending is essential to complete the Kingdom Hearts 3 story and get a complete picture of the whole plot (and any sequels).

It is not enough to complete the main story of Kingdom Hearts 3 to unlock the so-called secret ending: to see the real ending you will be required to complete a series of precise objectives during the game, let’s see together.

Kingdom Hearts 3: how to unlock the secret ending

In the past, to see the secret Kingdom Hearts final, you had to complete the game 100%, or respond to other basic requirements that ranged beyond the main storyline. For the third chapter nothing complicated is required: at the center of the objectives to unlock the much desired secret ending there are the Goodwill, or the symbols that recall the shape of Mickey and that are scattered throughout the game worlds.

There are a lot of good luck, 90, and collecting them all requires cunning, skill and a very careful eye to detail: do not rush to visit the various Disney worlds if you want to see the unpublished movie at the end of the game.

The lucky goodies, useful to unlock the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3, are distributed as follows:

  • Mount Olympus (12),
  • Toy Box (11),
  • Twilight Town (9),
  • Kingdom of Coroa (9),
  • Mostropoli (11),
  • Arendelle (11),
  • Caribbean (13),
  • San Fransokyo (11),
  • Wood of the 100 Acres (3)

The number in brackets indicates the lucky number present in the world of reference. How do they collect? Simple, with the new camera mode that allows Sora to take various photos around the universes of the game. Squeeze your eyes and pay attention to all the emblems present in the game, in this way you will be able to enjoy the complete Kingdom Hearts 3 final: for the spoiler lovers, and who do not want to waste too much time hunting for luck, the movie in question is easily tracked on YouTube. Eye to the spoilers.

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