Spotify Web: how to use it from PC without installation

You can listen music on Spotify from PC, without installing software or app. Let’s find out how to use comfortable online player.

Spotify, the popular service dedicated to streaming music, is usable both from smartphones and PC: the web version is useful to and allows you to take advantage of the online player for listening to your favorite songs without installing anything.

The future increasingly runs in the direction of cloud and streaming systems and Spotify is no exception: the program can be used via the Web a bit ‘as it happens with Netflix, thus bypassing the relative download (and installation) of a program on the PC, option not always necessary but unknown to most people.

The Spotify web player is also useful for songs shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter: by clicking on the song it will be possible to listen to it directly via the link, without going through the appropriate program (perhaps closed or uninstalled at that time). Here’s how it works.

Spotify online: how to use the web version

Spotify web is not so different from its counterpart for smartphones and the program: the main difference lies in not having to download anything, but simply search on your browser for the popular streaming service.

From here you have to log in with your credentials, with a log in available either via email or Facebook. Spotify Web is available for both free and premium users, with the only substantial difference given by the presence or absence of advertisements.

Here is how the web version of Spotify looks

Spotify Web is similar in all respects to the program version, with a slightly more essential menu and section design: in the left column there are the commands “Search”, to find the song or song we want, “Home” allows access to various sections such as radio and discovery week, while “Your Library” contains previously saved albums, tracks and playlists.

A useful way to listen to music on Spotify bypassing the relevant app for MacOS and Windows 10, useful for those who want to use the famous streaming service in the office, without leaving traces, or for those who do not want to burden your terminal with apps and programs.

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