Apple may launch gaming Mac in 2020 focused on eSports

According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple is planning to announce a dedicated gaming device, also known as e-sports games, by 2020. The device would be a full- screen MacBook Pro or even an iMac Pro, and would cost around $1,500.

Today’s Apple devices have enough processing power to handle games, but a notebook or all-in-one specifically targeted at this task will have to support long online gaming sessions and therefore, in addition to being powerful, it must have a special cooling system to avoid overheating, which causes loss of performance.

This year the company launched Apple Arcade, a subscription gaming service that offers more than 100 unique titles that can be played from all of the company’s platforms, from iPhone to Apple TV.

Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade (Source: Apple / Press Release)

However, this hardware with dedicated gaming hardware, in addition to providing better performance in Arcade, would claim to bring the most popular competitive Windows games to the Apple ecosystem.

This game portability movement, of course, would not happen overnight, as it depends on a number of factors, and involves developers and publishers. But Apple is one of the most valuable and influential brands in the technology world. It would not be such a problem for it to make considerable progress in this respect in a relatively short time.

In any case, we should consider the Economic Daily News information just a rumor, as the site did not cite any reliable sources.

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