Teslasuit will release haptic gloves that let you feel virtual objects

Teslasuit has announced it will release a glove that allows users to feel virtual textures and collect biometric data. The device is called the “Teslasuit Glove” and will be launched at CES 2020 in January, with its arrival in the market in the second half of next year.

Teslasuit Glove is designed for training, medical rehabilitation and other professional applications. They combine several different technologies to simultaneously create the impression of touching and holding objects, capturing the movement of users’ hands, recording pulse and other biometric information. The gloves can also be paired with the Teslasuit suit by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network to provide virtually full-body motion capture and tactile feedback in virtual reality.

The gloves include basic haptics and force feedback features thanks to a series of nine electrodes on each finger, which produce the sensation of touching a non-existent surface, while a plastic exoskeleton creates resistance and vibration to simulate interaction with solid objects in the virtual environment. They also include a pulse marker that gathers information such as a user’s heart rate that can help, as well as indirectly measuring stress, helping to identify other physical reactions to experiences.

Image: Teslasuit

Teslasuit Glove will compete directly with existing products from companies such as Manus VR and HaptX. Although this product does not surpass the ultra-thin haptic feel of HaptX gloves, its variety of features can be an added draw. The estimated price will be $1,500, which ultimately delivers that the target of this device is not the end consumer.

According to Teslasuit, the gloves will only be shown at CES and cannot be tested, unlike the suit, which will be available.

Source: The Verge

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