Apple TV Plus is the new platform to watch TV series and streaming movies made by Cupertino for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. Here’s how much it costs, the release and what we’ll see.
Apple TV +: what it is and how it works, registration, price and release

In the end it arrived: Apple TV+ is the new platform to watch movies and TV series in streaming ready to challenge Netflix creating an exclusive streaming platform whose release is scheduled for autumn 2019.

It will be called Apple TV Plus, and will expand the possibilities of the currently existing device, including many original productions accessible through monthly subscription (whose price is still a mystery). The service was presented at the Apple Event on March 25th, which saw Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and many other stars take the stage.

But how will Apple TV+ work? The service will be aligned with what Amazon has already done with Prime Video and Huawei with Huawei Video, offering original productions and content on demand.

Not an Apple TV 2.0, but a real all-new service aimed primarily at owners of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac and MacBook. One way, that of Cupertino, of verticalizing its production line, extending to what has now become a real habit: watching movies and TV series in streaming.

Here is how the new Apple streaming service will work, with the inauguration scheduled for mid-2019.

Apple TV Plus: how it will work, pricing and output

There is still a few months to go to see Apple TV+, but thanks to the official presentation we now have a few more details.

Apple TV Plus will be available through the official Apple TV app, available for all iOS devices, and it will therefore not be necessary to purchase the small official decoder made from the apple. The application will also arrive on the latest generation of Smart TVs, starting with Samsung, followed by Amazon Fire TV, Sony, LG and many others by the end of the year.

Discounted the presence of the appropriate app for Android devices, with a version that will probably be launched next to the one available for iOS.

Several doubts about the price: Apple could provide its original content for free, provided that registered users are in possession of an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac.

This position seems to have been recently reviewed by the giant of Cupertino, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, providing a monthly fee of about $15 to use the service, with the addition of $9.99 a month to include in the production offer from some of the most famous US pay TV channels such as HBO, Starz and Showtime.

This last option will be titled Apple TV Channels and will include in a single platform the contents belonging to third-party apps and suppliers.

Tim Cook is all about streaming, having invested $1 billion to finance the production of the original content. In the intent of Apple is to create a real unique service, which allows users (similar to what happens with Apple TV) to watch streaming content on TV, tablet and iPhone of all platforms used a single portal.

The CEO of Apple also strongly believes in family entertainment, with contents planned for an age rating suitable for adults and children (precisely because of this one of the original productions, dedicated to Dr. Dre, would have been trashed).

Apple TV Plus: what we will see

The debut is scheduled for next autumn in over 100 countries by the end of next year.

Apple would have 12 original series in the pipeline, of which not much is yet known: among them, Morning Talk Show based on a morning program starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The Amazing Stories produced by Steven Spielberg in the eighties will also return, with a new season ready to tell many new unpublished stories. Sofia Coppola and JJ Abrams will also be part of the Apple TV+ team, which has everything it takes to become a new center dedicated to movies and TV series in streaming.


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