Microsoft Store is the most direct way to get software approved by Microsoft and therefore, potentially safer.

The same colossus, approves or not the products proposed by the developers, following some strict guidelines that exclude violent content, illegal or not suitable for younger people. Available in 120 countries and with applications in 109 different languages, Microsoft Store offers a variety of truly impressive apps.

Microsoft Store: all the best free apps

In this article we have collected the best (as regards free software) of what is on the virtual shop signed by Microsoft.

Of course there are also other rather interesting non-paid apps: this list aims to give only a general overview of what is offered by the Windows Store.

1- QuickLook

Sometimes you just want to preview a file before opening it with the current program. For example, if you use Photoshop, you can preview the .psd file in File Explorer.

With Quicklook you just have to press the space bar, and it will show you a quick preview of the destination file. QuickLook supports a wide range of file formats and types: a very useful tool!

2- EarTrumpet

EarTrumpet allows you to quickly set or change the volume of any app directly from the taskbar. If necessary, you can also change the audio output device for any specific app with just two clicks.

Although you know that Windows already has built-in options for all this, what EarTrumpet offers makes it much more intuitive and complete than the default tool offered by the operating system.

3- ShareX

ShareX is used to capture screenshots or entire movies from your desktop: if you are looking for an open source tool, highly customizable and powerful, this software is for you!

The best thing about ShareX is that you can configure it to perform various post-capture or post-upload actions, such as copying a file path or URL, opening the image in an editor, and so on.

4- IrfanView

IrfanView is an open source image visualization application that makes lightness its main feature.

The app in question supports almost all image formats and also has some interesting features that allow the modification of the same files.

5- Microsoft To-Do

As it is easy to guess from the same name of the software, Microsoft To-Do is an official Microsoft application that serves to create to-do lists for your daily activities.

Simple yet functional, it also exists in Android and iOS, you can synchronize lists of things to do between devices.

6- Ditto

Ditto is a tool that allows you to take and manage highly customizable notes. Ditto can save practically everything on the created notes (images, text, html and much more).

Also worth mentioning is a valuable search function that allows you to search for the saved memo items with great immediacy.

7- MusicBee

If you do not use Spotify and are looking for a great music player, MusicBee could be for you.

MusicBee is one of the most popular music players for Windows. Its strong point is a wide range of functions, support for almost all audio formats and a high level of customization. In spite of the many features present, this app maintains a certain speed and lightness compared to the competition.

If you’re looking for something even more essential and lean, try foobar2000.

8- Accent Applicator

Sometimes it is not the size to make a useful app or not: it is the case of Accent Applicator, a small software that allows you to change the color of the selected text and other elements of the user interface in Windows 10 applications.

It is an unmissable app for anyone who has the fixation of extreme graphic customization of their OS.

9- F.lux

Let’s move on to an absolutely essential software: F.lux is an app specially designed to reduce the blue light that emits the monitor at night. In fact, not only it does strain your eyesight in the evening hours, but it can also disturb your sleep.

Although Windows 10 has a similar function already built in, F.lux is much more customizable while having a virtually zero impact on resources.

10- OneNote

This app is one of the best for taking notes, cutting and organizing. The version of the OneNote store looks very different from the normal Win32 application and has a different set of features, however, being fast, light and overall a great app.

OneNote is usually pre-installed in Windows 10, but if it is missing, you can install it directly from the Store.

11- PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is a photo-editing tool based on cloud technology. Among the various features offered by the developers stands out the ability to automatically identify the face of people in a photo allowing you to add photo effects and create fun photomontages.

Not a professional tool, but certainly very suitable for those who want to have fun “playing” with the photos taken.

12- Perfect Tube

Perfect Tube is one of the best applications for those who often use YouTube and is subscribed to a large number of channels.

Among the many interesting features there is the possibility of using a mini player (to watch a video while you’re doing more), the ability to change the video quality with ease as well as a detailed management of favorites, your playlists, the history and your inscriptions.


If you want to quickly download videos from YouTube, the Flvto YouTube is what’s right for you.

FLVTO software works on any device, be it a PC, a laptop, an ultrabook or a tablet and allows you to paste the video URL into the download bar. Once this is done, click on the Convert button to save the video on the device.

14- Windows Calculator

The default calculator does not satisfy you? Here is a simple but powerful, which includes different modes (standard, scientific and programmer) as well as a unit converter.

Windows Calculator is an extremely useful tool for making accounts or solving complex math, algebra or geometry problems.

15- MSN Sport

If you’re an avid sportsman, MSN Sport could be a rather interesting app.

This software allows you to consult live scores for over 150 leagues of the most disparate sports. You can consult the calendars, results, rankings and all the statistics in the huge database. Naturally, there is no shortage of the most recent news from the most reliable journalistic sources.


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