How to edit Spotify playlists in Android | GUIDE

Spotify’s Android app is packed with features that can be tweaked, including a very useful one, that allows users to edit playlists of their favorite songs, created through the app. Previously, the ability to change the positions of the songs within the latter, was only present in the iOS version. Since, however, on Android, version v8.4.61.683 has been released, users of the green robot can also use the same function.

How to edit a playlist on Spotify? Here’s how to proceed!

First open the Spotify app, then touch the icon for your music library, in the navigation bar at the bottom. Once you have done this, touch the playlist item, then select the one you wish to edit.

Now tap the three dots on the top right in the Spotify interface, then select the Edit Playlist entry.

Now press and hold the three lines to the right of the desired track title, moving it up or down, depending on your needs.

Once you have finished your changes to the playlist you created, touch Save to finalize the operation.

Enjoy your music on Spotify!

That’s all! From now on you will know how to customize the order of the songs of your playlists on the app, when you feel it necessary, satisfying your tastes according to the needs of the moment. The app can always be useful on several occasions, party or between friends, to put on the most appropriate and appropriate songs at the time.

Thanks to the large library that has always distinguished the platform, you can enjoy anywhere of any type of song, without necessarily having a local library of music tracks.

Do you often use the service offered by Spotify? Do you often use playlists too? Tell us below in the comments!

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