How to listen to music from YouTube in the background on Android

Listening to music or videos in the background on YouTube is one of the features most desired by users, but available only if you subscribe to a premium subscription. But if instead we told you that you can still do it, using the possibility offered by Google Chrome, to play streaming audio streams in the background?

Google Chrome in fact, from the beta 54 released 2 years ago, makes it possible to reproduce in the background of streaming audio streams, coming from the multimedia elements on the sites, including of course YouTube, allowing you in this way, to listen to your favorite music in streaming, without keeping the display of your Android smartphone on forever.

So why not take advantage of the useful features and use it in the app to finally listen to our favorite music from YouTube in the background, without necessarily having to subscribe to a premium subscription? Let’s see how to do it!

How to listen to YouTube in the background on Android via Chrome

To listen to your favorite songs on YouTube in the background without having to pay a subscription, all you have to do is go to the web version of the platform via Chrome.

Log in with your account from the main Google page, if you want to enjoy your content saved in playlists.

After going to the YouTube platform site, look for the song or music video you want or select it from your playlist.

Once the video is open, touch the three dots at the top right of the browser navigation bar and activate the desktop mode. The mobile version of the YouTube website does not allow background playback, so you have to opt for the PC version.

Once the desktop mode is activated, you will finally be able to play the desired track or playlist even when the screen is off. Once you exit the Chrome app, pull down the quick settings bar and tap play, pause, forward or back in the stream notification to check the current song.

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