How to play YouTube in background on iPhone and iPad

Like many other users, you also want to play YouTube in the background on the iPhone but you do not know how? Especially if you use this social media to listen to music, video courses or to improve the learning of a foreign language, you may need to listen to YouTube in the background but in iOS devices it is not enough to close the app to hear the audio without video but we have to perform a series of steps.

Let’s see how to listen to YouTube in the background with iPhone and iPad without much difficulty but simply following a few instructions that I provide in this guide: applying the instructions provided in this guide, you can finally listen to your favorite music from YouTube while surfing the internet, use your favorite apps or messages with friends

How to hear YouTube in the background on iOS 12 and iOS 11

There are 2 different methods to complete this operation and then listen only to the audio from YouTube doing other activities on the iPhone or iPad; to apply the first method, follow these instructions: open the iOS Safari application, go to YouTube and open the video you want to hear in the background; if iOS asks you to use the site through the official app, tap Cancel to proceed via browser. After performing these steps, touch the sharing icon that appears at the bottom (it’s a square with an arrow pointing up) and tap Ask desktop site.

With this option enabled, Safari will run YouTube as if we were visiting it from a computer: then wait for the page to refresh, run any advertisements on the video and start playing the video. Close the video immediately if you open the full screen for playback and tap the icon on the bottom right that shows two superimposed squares useful to open a new navigation tab in the browser.

After creating a new card, press the Home/Central button of the iPhone (or iPad if you’re using the Apple tablet) and return to the main iOS screen; at this point, open the Control Center of iOS by swiping from the bottom up from the bottom edge of the device screen and tap on Play in the box related to the audio player.

If all went well, you can now listen to YouTube in the background on iOS without watching the video and only listening to the audio.

How to listen to YouTube without locked screen videos

Another good way to hear YouTube videos in the background with a locked screen requires the use of the official YouTube application. In reality, the effectiveness of this method is rather limited because the device may have the screen locked but must remain on: when the display turns off, background playback stops; so to avoid that after a few seconds from the block the playback can stop, you have to review the settings of energy saving and screen.

To apply this method, open the official YouTube application and start a video: after passing any advertising, while the video is playing, press the lock button twice or swipe from the top of the screen to the bass (to open the list of notifications).

You should see a screen with the player visible on the lock screen and you will only hear the YouTube audio.

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