5 Sites to Apply Sepia Effect Online to your Photos

In recent times we do nothing but talk and propose services to change and greatly improve their photos, using all the tools made available by these excellent online resources. A few days ago we tried to write about how to apply the mirror effect (reflection) to online photos, today, we will continue to add more content to the section dedicated to photo editing, reporting 5 sites to apply the sepia effect to the photos always thanks to tools to be used online. These sites are easily available and have been well developed, so as to present a multitude of effects and filters to be applied to their shots without any particular difficulty. The web is full of these services, but not all are performing and not all of them guarantee the desired result, therefore we decided to select and review the best features offered and ease of use. Below, you will find all the necessary info to reach the resources and to use them correctly in order to modify and apply the sepia effect to all the photos we need.

Site index:

  1. Pho.To
  2. LunaPic
  3. PhotoFunia
  4. PineTools
  5. Tuxpi

1. Pho.To^

The first tool taken into consideration in this post is called pho.to and essentially allows you to apply a myriad of effects to our favorite shots. This service has already been featured on our blog, in particular in the article dedicated to the 5 sites to create photos with double exposure. Today, what interests us is to show you how to use pho.to to apply the sepia effect to a personal photo.

  • Upload the photo in question from your PC
  • Once the photo is loaded, the sepia effect will be shown automatically
  • Now we can decide whether to apply other effects or not
  • Click on save and share, if you want, your new photo

2. LunaPic^

Even Lunapic has been many times protagonist of our focus. But even in this occasion, our real goal is to make you understand in detail what are the steps to be done to apply this famous sepia effect:

  • Open the resource through links
  • Load the image using the browse button
  • Select the Sepiatone effect
  • Click on save or share the photo on social media

3. PhotoFunia^

Another service we have decided to add to today’s list is PhotoFunia. This is a very complete and easy to use photo editor, especially regarding our sepia effect. Here is the procedure to use this resource to apply the effect to any personal photo:

  • Reach the home page of the tool
  • Click on choose photo
  • Load the photo from the PC folders
  • Make the cut
  • Set the other settings according to personal needs
  • Click GO to apply the effect
  • Download the processed image

4. PineTools^

Would you like to edit your photo and would you like to apply the sepia effect? If the tools described above do not like or do not satisfy you, then the resource you can easily refer to is Pinetools. Now let’s see how to apply the sepia effect to our shot:

  • Load the photo you want to edit
  • Click on Apply button
  • We will see a preview of the photo with the effect applied
  • Click on the type of format with which you want to save the photo (png, jpg or bmp)

5. Tuxpi^

The last site that we will describe at the end of today’s focus is called Tuxpi. If you want to apply the sepia effect? Is it possible to do this with Tuxpi? The answer is certainly positive and to ensure that satisfactory results are obtained:

  • Visit the web page of the tool
  • Click on start photo editing to upload the photo
  • Choose the tonality of the sepia effect
  • Download or share the final result.

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