Today we are going to expand our collection of sites to apply effects to photos directly online, in particular we will dedicate this post to lovers of retro effects by selecting and reviewing the top 10 sites to add the vintage effect to photos directly online. The sites in today’s collection are extremely simple to use and allow you to select the photo from your PC and apply the effects simply by using the browser window. In reality they are real photo editors with the presence of the various “palettine” that essentially serve to apply the preferred vintage effect to the personal photo. Now, let’s see in detail how we can achieve these services and what are the basic operations to be done to apply a permanent vintage effect on a personal shot in order to give it a completely retro look.

Site Index:

  1. Fotor
  2. FotoJet
  3. Pixlr-o-Matic
  4. BeFunky
  5. Mara.Photos
  6. Pho.To
  7. LunaPic
  8. Tuxpi
  9. Canva
  10. photomania

1. Fotor^

Fotor vintage effect

We begin our review by presenting the first online tool to apply the vintage effect to the photos, this great service is known by the name of Fotor. It is a real editor that has different features and effects to apply to the shots to make them nice and cute. Now let’s see how we behave to apply the so-called vintage effect:

  • Connect to the site by link
  • Click on Edit
  • In the menu select the item Open
  • Select the photo from your PC
  • From the menu on the left select Effects and then click on Vintage
  • Choose the most welcome effect
  • Set the intensity of the effect
  • Download the photo by clicking on Save

2. FotoJet^

Fotojet vintage effect

The second free service we’re going to consider is called FotoJet and basically has the same features described for Fotor. You can choose to edit a single photo, create a collage or even create new designs, but what interests us is how the vintage effect can be applied to your shots. The procedure to be used is as follows:

  • Connect to the site page
  • Click on Edit a Photo
  • Take advantage of the Open voice to upload the photo either from the PC or from the Facebook gallery
  • From the menu on the left select the Effect item
  • From the options that appear choose Vintage
  • Apply the appropriate effect
  • Click on the disk icon to save the new photo

3. Pixlr-o-Matic^

pixlr-o-matic vintage effect

Another site not to be overlooked if you want to apply the vintage effect to the photos is definitely Pixlr-o-Matic. This tool works as follows:

  • Reach the site’s HomePage
  • Click on Computer
  • Select and upload the photo you want to edit
  • Click on the icon of the camera roll at the bottom
  • Select Vintage and apply the preferred effect
  • Click on Save to save the new photo on the PC

4. BeFunky^

Befunky vintage effect

Are you passionate about photo editing and want to know a tool that applies the vintage effect to your souvenir photos? Then you can take advantage of the resource called BeFunky, which works according to the steps summarized below:

  • Reach the main page of the site
  • Take advantage of the Open button to upload the photo
  • From the Menu to the left select the star icon
  • In the new options choose Vintage Colors
  • Apply the best effect
  • Save ( Save Button ) the photo with the applied effect

5. Mara.Photos^ vintage effect

Mara.Photos is another simple free online tool that allows you to apply around 10 Vintage effects to personal photos in a simple, fast and intuitive way. To facilitate the application of the effect, below we will provide all the exact steps to change the shot permanently.

  • Reach the site with the link provided at the top
  • Choose the Local File item to upload the photo from the PC
  • In the dropdown menu of the Filter item select the vintage effect to be applied
  • Click on Save and choose the output format of the photo

6. Pho.To^ vintage effect

Pho.To is added to the collection of sites to apply a retro effect pleasing to your photos without using complex or difficult to use software. To permanently modify our shot, proceed as follows:

  • Connect to the main page of the instrument
  • Select the effect among those present
  • Upload a photo from your computer
  • The effect will be applied automatically
  • Save the final result

7. LunaPic^

Lunapic vintage effect

Of the LunaPic we’ve talked about in the past, especially description of the 5 sites to change the color of eyes online. And if we wanted to apply the vintage effect? How can you use LunaPic?

  • Reach the address of the service
  • From the top menu choose Upload
  • Load the photo you want to edit
  • Click on the filter item
  • Select Retro Vintage
  • Choose the effect and save the final result

8. Tuxpi^

Tuxpi Vintage effect

Have you ever heard of a site known as Tuxpi? Tuxpi is a site that allows you to add effects to photos directly online without embarking on heavy services and difficult to use. To take full advantage of the potential of this tool you need:

  • Reach the page on which the tool is available
  • Click on Start Photo Editing to upload the photo
  • From the menu on the left, set the settings to give the back effect
  • Click on Save or Share to save or share the photo

9. Canva^

canva vintage effect

And Canva? Do you know the characteristics of this tool? As for LunaPic, also Canva has been featured in other posts in the past, especially in the review of 5 sites to create photos with double exposure online. Today, in this section we will try to show you how to deal with this tool to apply the vintage effect to our personal photos.

  • Always connect to the site with the link above
  • Create a free account
  • Create a new project
  • Load the photo you want to edit
  • Save the result obtained

10. PhotoMania^

Photomania vintage effect

The last service featured in today’s focus is PhotoMania and it is a web tool that allows you to apply the vintage effect to your photos. To change and get the desired results, you must follow the steps described below:

  • Reach the site of the tool (link at the beginning of the paragraph)
  • Click on Start Creating Effect
  • Load the photo to apply the effect on
  • From the menu on the left select the Vintage item and choose the appropriate effect
  • Click on Download to save the final result


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