5 Sites to Change Eye Color Online

Have you ever wondered how you would look with a different color of the eyes?

You can get all the answers you want by discovering the top 5 websites to change your eye color online. With the support of these portals, you can test different colors by uploading a photo, so as to find out which one would be better.

The above websites are very useful to get feedback, even before buying a pair of colored lenses for the eyes: using them, you can already have a perspective of the final result, and avoid going to (expensive) attempts just like we have already seen with the app to change the hair color and the sites to change the hair cut.


The first of the best online eye color changing sites is SketchAndColor.org: a very clean and immediate portal, with a series of basic functionalities, limited only to iris color changes. Here you can select a predefined color or customize it to get an incredibly realistic and precise result.

To do this, simply upload the photo to the online editor, select the iris of both eyes, adjust the accuracy with the zoom and use a small red circle to frame the area. Just think you’ve done everything right, just press the OK button to apply the changes.


iPiccy.com is an online photo editor with which you can edit images, create collages and do many operations, which also include changing the color of your eyes. It has a modern interface but very simple to use.

In addition, here you will also find a photo editing function that allows you to get a precise and very customizable result. The process to obtain this result is as follows: you must upload the photo, select the Eye Color option in the Eye Retouching tab, and choose the color from the appropriate palette. You can use the brush to color them, even if it requires more effort.


The third option of our list on the best sites to change the color of the eyes online is AirOptix.com: it is a choice of great quality, considering that this portal belongs to a company that also makes contact lenses. This ensures you a very important result: the change in iris color is professional and very accurate. What is the procedure to be addressed? As in previous cases, you will need to upload a photo. Then you will have to select the eye contour to allow the tool to identify the iris position. Once this is done, choose the color and start the transformation. Consider that you will need to tweak the initial settings to get the best quality.


LunaPic.com is a very famous site in the field of online image editors: of course, it also has a specific function to change the color of your eyes. The aforementioned function can be reached through the side panel of instruments, which is very similar to that of Paint.net.

Here you just select the “Color Tint” option, which you can also use to change the colors of the iris. Of course, being a site full of features, it is more difficult to get to this change: first you have to select the cropping options by selecting the tool “Grain Circle”. At this point, you will have to use the Color Tint option.


The latest of the best online eye color changing sites is ColorfulEyes.com: a portal that allows you to use only the Eye Color Changer option. From this we understand that it is one of the most immediate and easy to use sites.

To change the iris color, you will have to choose between 7 different colors and use the circular lenses to select the pupils, which will be placed with great care on the eyes. Now you can resize them based on the photo and start the process.

However, consider that the final result is quite Spartan: on the other hand, it has functions that are absent from other sites.

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In case of doubts or questions, always leave a comment at the end of the article.

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