Best Apps to Change Hair Color for Android and iOS

In this guide, we’ll show you the best apps for changing hair color. But what is it, and why should you use them? The purposes could be many: for example, on another occasion we showed you some apps to try out haircuts and in the same way, you might want to check how you would look with a different color. Or you could use the following apps simply to give you some fun moments, and maybe to share your photos with friends. Just to have a laugh together. But beyond the mere playful aspect, the applications we will see today are incredibly precise and professional.

Hair Color (Android, iOS)

The first of the best app to change hair color is Hair Color: we are dealing with a very useful application that can guarantee you nothing short of professional results. To the point that the photos retouched with this application, they seem 100% real. This makes Hair Color the best solution you could ever find: and then it is compatible with both iOS and Android, which is a big plus.

But how to use it?

The only thing you need to do is take a picture or a selfie, and then play with the various filters and settings. Just to try different color solutions, and see what color you’d look better. Then, it is also possible to alter the chromatic intensity and therefore try various alternatives to the base color. However, consider that in the free version not all colors are available.

Download: Android | iOS

Style My Hair (Android, iOS)

Also, Style My Hair It is one of the best apps for changing hair color. And just like Hair Color, it’s available for both Android and iOS. But what makes it the first, better alternative to the previous one? Meanwhile, ease of use: the interface of this application is incredibly simple. And then you can change your hair color in a few steps, so it’s also very quick to use. Consider, then, that the result is really excellent. Although not comparable to Hair Color, the photo is still credible. But the good news does not end here: besides being able to change hair color, you can even change your hairstyle, and see how you would find yourself with a new cut. Of course: it must however be said that the result, while being good, is not that it is so credible.

Download: Android | iOS

Hair Change Real Color (Android)

Want to deepen our guide on the best app to change the color of the hair, we find others that deserve a mention. For example, Hair Color Change Real is an application available only for Android, which allows you to make this change. Also, in this case, we are talking about a very thick application, able to give you a final result that is more than realistic. Even when the hairs are moving, which is without a doubt an excellent factor. This app is very easy to use and hosts more than 40 colors and shades. You can even decide which hair area to change, and which to leave with the original color: so you can see the two colors compared and draw all your conclusions.

Download: Android

Hair Color Booth (iOS)

The last of the best hair color changing apps is Hair Color Booth: an application available only for iOS and that has nothing to envy to previous listed. With this application, you can get a particularly realistic color change. And the really interesting thing is that you can also use different colors in different areas of the hairstyle: all without denying the slightest flaw or imperfection.

Download: iOS

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