The Best App to Change the Color of the Eyes

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Are you looking for the best apps to change eye color?

So you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Today, in fact, after showing you a series of sites to change the color of the eyes online we will show you the applications that you can use to change the color of the iris in your photographs: given that there are several, we have collected the most effective to ensure a result that is credible and beautiful aesthetically. Once you have tried these apps, you can check a realistic result: you can use them for fun, or to find out how you would be a couple of colored or fantasy lent.

Eye Color Changer – Face Makeup (iOS)

Eye Color Changer – Face Makeup is definitely the number one in the field of the best app to change eye color. We tell you this because the result is astonishing, and the opinions of those who have already used it prove it. What you can do with Eye Color Changer – Face Makeup is pretty obvious: you can change color to the iris, resulting in an incredibly realistic result. But there is another thing that makes this app the top in this area: you can use it to do many other things. For example, you can enlarge your eyes or shrink them, or you can light them up or add makeup. finally, you can even apply filters to make the photo more beautiful.

Eye Color Changer (Android)

This app is only apparently a clone of the previous one: the only thing that brings them closer is the name, since the only thing you can do is change the color of the iris. Let’s say that in this case, plenty of options and quality of the final result are the two best features of the aforementioned application: you have a frightening amount of colors and possible variations, and that’s not all. A determining factor for the success of Eye Color Changer, is the possibility to use even the lenses with the fantasies: you can add to your photo the eyes of a dragon or a cat, to give two examples.

Eye Color Changer Camera (Android)

Eye Color Changer Camera is an alternative version of the previous app: it is identical, as created by the same manufacturer. This means that the colors you can add to the eyes, and the patterns, are the same: as well as the interface. Why did we choose to add it to our list of the best eye color changing apps? Because it’s live! This means that you can use it to change the color of the iris in real time, while you take a selfie or record a video with the front camera of the smartphone. Really remarkable!

Eye Color Changer Makeup (iOS)

Do not be fooled by the name: they all resemble each other, but only in appearance. That’s why Eye Color Changer Makeup deserves its own specific section: the reason? Also, in this case, the functions include both the color change of the iris and the application of virtual lenters: in both cases the result never disappoints expectations, proving to be really excellent. However, one must underline a virtuous aspect of Eye Color Changer Makeup: the presence of fun-themed lenters, such as smileys, which make it one of the best app to change eye color.

Eye Color Studio (Android)

The last app of our list is Eye Color Studio: practically a mix of the features of the applications we have already discussed in this article. What does this mean? That you have at your disposal so many potential colors to apply to the iris in your photos, including of course the lenses with cat’s eyes and so on. You can also take advantage of some options to resize your eyes and even use two different colors. Very nice alternative lenses!

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