Best Apps to Change your Face and try funny faces in your Photo

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Because of the explosion of photos and videos, there are lot of photo montages that have become viral on social networks: something that concerns us too, since in our smartphone we can have some real fun masterpieces, with the possibility to change our face or to apply various effects and additions. Not surprisingly, today we will discover together the best apps to change the face of a photo : it is a very precious opportunity for entertainment, because it will allow us to have a good laugh with our friends. What are the applications that allow us?


The first of the best apps to change face to a picture that we want to illustrate is MSQRD. This is an incredibly fun smartphone app, which you can use when recording a video live. But what does it allow you to do? In practice, this gem applies a mask to your face during the video, or alternatively the faces of famous people. Then there are plenty of available effects, which not only make it a real gem, but also the best application in this area. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, allows you to apply the above effects also to photos, and then also allows you the immediate sharing on social media.

Download: Android | iOS

Face Changer

Face Changer? It’s also one of the best apps to change a photo’s face. Although limited purely to photographs, it provides you with a vast list of accessories that you can add to your face: from mustaches to glasses, through the noses and the ears of animals. There is also an option to streamline the face, along with other small details that make it really fun to use. Moreover, it is of a disconcerting simplicity and is therefore suitable for children: also for the possibility of drawing and writing sentences or other. Here too, there is an option for sharing.

Download: Android | iOS


In front of Snapchat, we should only bow and exploit it to enjoy ourselves to the maximum of our possibilities. If you still do not know this wonder, know that the above application puts you in the service an endless list of effects to add to the photos, to change your face: from the most classic (such as changing the eyes) up to the most particular, as the rainbow that comes out of your mouth. Then, the interesting things about Snapchat are many: you can apply some of these effects to video, and of course, you can take advantage of the privacy features that have made it so famous.

Download: Android | iOS

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is another of the best apps to change the face of a photo, whether you want to have fun with accessories and parts of the face of animals, or if you want to try make-up without putting your hand to the beauty case. We are talking about a really professional app, which certainly requires more practice than others, and that is only indicated for a female user. In practice, with this application, you can radically change your face, to the point of not recognizing it anymore. Finally, you can do it in real time and of course share the final result on social media.

Download: Android | iOS

FaceSwap Lite

Among the best app to change face to a picture, could not miss FaceSwap Lite: a very special application, which is very fashionable during this period. Here you cannot add accessories, makeup or anything else: the only thing you can do is “swap” the faces, then reverse them. If you take a selfie with your girlfriend, for example, her face will take your place and vice versa. In spite of a disarming simplicity, this is by far one of the funniest apps to make you laugh with your friends. Also, it does the same thing with videos!

Download: Android | iOS

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