It is not always necessary to use the Internet connection to play. This is why we wanted to collect what we believe to be the current best Android offline games. Often, when it happens to stand in line at a desk, for example, we always find ourselves where the Internet data traffic of our Android smartphone does not go as it should. You do not even see the shadow of free Wi-Fi connections.

What to do in these cases to kill time? With Android offline games you will not have to worry about the Internet. It’s in such situations, or during an airplane flight, that we usually need some game that can work even without the Internet and data connection. To avoid this risk it is better to install on your smartphone or tablet some offline games that can work well even without an Internet connection.

Android offline games also have the undoubted merit of being often more lenient with your battery, by not constantly exchanging data packets.

For all these reasons, we have decided to provide you with an updated list of the best enjoyable Android games even without a connection.

Android offline games: the best

Asphalt 8: airborne

Among the best Android offline games, we can begin with one of cars. The excellent Asphalt 8, just downloaded from the play store, complete the installation and download all the data (it is recommended under wifi) and becomes perfectly playable even in airplane mode and then without the internet connection. The last chapter of the Gameloft saga is pure fun, with its crazy and adrenaline racing.

Does not commute

In Does not Commute to advance you will have to complete the original missions, trying to juggle in the tremendous traffic of the city. The game has a perfect view from above that will help you understand how to overcome the levels and complete the adrenaline missions. An excellent Android offline game that deserves a try: it’s free and works perfectly offline.

Hungry Shark World

Changing genre it is difficult not to propose the excellent Hungry shark World that will be able to make you overcome even the most interminable and boring queues with a little more joy, making you command a shark!

You will swim for seas and oceans, eating fish, birds and unsuspecting tourists. The game, like its predecessors, is very simple and fun. The latest incarnation has beautiful 3D graphics and works perfectly offline once you have installed and downloaded all the data.

Smash Hit

Take a ball of steel and destroy everything that comes to meet you to get as far as possible! Attention, addiction: here is Smash Hit, you can download it for free and play it completely offline:

Unblock Me

To keep your brain moving you can try your hands at Unblock Me, always fun, free and fully functional puzzle even offline! In the game, you will have to move the blocks to free the path of the red one. The free version offers a lot of hours of fun that will help you overcome overhead flights and endless files. In short, a fun pastime that will entertain you and keep you busy.

We have already talked about Unblock in our post on the best applications to keep the mind trained, meanwhile here is the link to the download:

Real racing 3

Well come on, Real Racing 3 does not need any introduction, we did not even need to let you know: EA Sports has created an incredible racing game with an absurd car park. Not to mention the graphic details, which have made it a real benchmark tool to test the potential of smartphones over time! here it is to you, all yours:

Dream League Soccer

Even the spectacular Dream League Soccer can also work without an internet connection, for this reason, it is in the category of the best Android offline games. It is an excellent football simulator with many teams, good graphics, a complete and satisfying management part and lots of fun to offer.

Head Soccer

If you like the most immediate challenges like to forget about the funny Head soccer with its super-deformed heads, its simple and immediate gameplay perfect for a hit and run game:


There are some beautiful games, but BombSquad will make you die for fun! This cute platformer has an incredible physics and you have to complete missions by pulling punches and throwing bombs of all kinds! A kind of Worms, maybe more fun! There is also a PC and you can play with your smartphone as a joystick with other friends or online by searching for the “BombSquad Remote” app on the Play Store. Ah, and there is also a VR version (augmented reality !!):

Pixel dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is one of the most famous RPG roguelike games for android, and probably also one of the best mobile titles to approach the genre. The roguelike are characterized by randomly generated levels and a high level of difficulty. No level will be equal to the former and it will not be easy to get bored. The title works perfectly without needing any connection.

PBA Challenge

Remaining in the sports field if the bowling you are passionate about the excellent  PBA Challenge is for you, with its excellent graphics, good loyalty and realism. In short, the title to pretend to be on the track rather than lined up. It works perfectly even without the Internet.


Duet is a really minimal game, comfortable because it can only be played with one hand and with the smartphone vertically. So it’s perfect for a hit and run game while waiting. The game works great even offline and can be addictive. In Duet you will control one of two balls and the movement of the first will simultaneously move the second one to proceed, you will have to make sure that neither ball hits the obstacles.

Worms 4

Even Worms 4 will require a charge of about 5 euros, but this platform you will not regret of course! Missions, daily challenges, multiplayer online and locally with your friends and much more, all … yes, with worms armed! I will not hold you a second longer, here is the link to buying this alternative to Bombsquad :

Plague Inc.

A title with super simple graphics but that will intrigue you probably very much is Plague Inc.  It is a perfect candidate for the Android games offline category because it is absolutely brilliant: it is a disease simulator! Create your illness and try to bring humanity to extinction.

If you wanted to be an astronaut when you were a child and you are one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, this simulator is for you. It’s free but with purchases in the app (some of them absolutely recommendable and spectacular).

Remaining on the Indie masterpieces it is hard not to recommend Badland and World of Goo. Different but both really worthy of your attention and your time, they work perfectly even without line, and show that a super budget does not serve at all when you have good ideas.

In addition, all the portals of GTA are to be reported, the Grand Theft Auto series does not need presentations for long-time players, none of the chapters of the saga was born on the mobile platform and it is a console port. These are absolutely spectacular titles, able to give a lot of hours of fun.

None of them is free but they fully deserve the purchase price. They are not suitable for short games, but if you find yourself in a desperate case in an interminable row they could save your life. There are 5 titles: GTA San AndreasGTA Vice CityGTA IIIGTA Chinatown WarsGTA Liberty City Stories.  The splendid and historical Max Paine and Bully are also worth mentioning of Rockstar games.

Among the paid titles that work perfectly offline are also worth noting:

  • Super Hexagon one of the most difficult Android titles, normally a fledgling player dies after only three seconds of the game. But it manages to capture thanks to the hypnotic style and the fact that overcome the difficult levels of addiction. On the Play Store, it costs € 2.37 and deserves them all.
  • All the puzzles written by Square Enix: Tomb raider Go, Hitman Go, and Deus Ex Go. They are great puzzle games, you can find them all here on the publisher’s page on the Play Store.
  • Geometry Dash is a really fun game, even this very difficult, an interesting mix between the platform genre and rhythm games. A fascinating and engaging hybrid, at the moment it costs only 69 cents on the Play Store.

Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Despicable me

If instead, you are fans of the endless run 3D, kind that has found luck on mobile, there are three titles that work perfectly offline for your joy:

  • Temple Run, the legendary ancestor of the genre, always amuses, even if a little monotonous over time. Find it for free on Google play.
  • Subway surfers title that has represented the evolution of the genre and that even with a few years on the shoulders it defends itself well thanks to the monthly updates.
  • Finally, last but not least Despicable me who represents the evolution of the genre with the introduction of bosses and more variety. You can find it for free on the play store with the usual purchases in the app.

Here is my list of the best Android offline games comes to an end. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some very deserving titles to be mentioned (if it happened let me know, queues without an internet connection are always around the corner).



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