5 App to Remove Red Eyes from Photos with Android

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If you are a photography enthusiast, you will surely know how red eyes can be detestable in the photos: maybe you have managed to make the perfect shot, but here comes this imperfection to ruin it completely. Yet, it is never the case to give up hope: thanks to some applications made exactly for this purpose, you can remedy them. So, after showing you two sites for red eye removal online, today we see the best 5 Android apps to eliminate red eyes from photos, so you never have to give up a beautiful and perfect photo.

Red Eye Removal

Red Eye Removal is one of the best app ever to eliminate red eyes from photos with Android. The reason? Thanks to this application you can remove this effect in a few simple steps, even if you do not understand anything about photo-editing: in practice, you only have to place the mouse marker over the red eyes, perhaps by first zooming in the area, and then clicking the wand magic from the tool menu. In addition, you can also change the brightness and opacity of the eyes to make them look more natural. And if you make a mistake, you can always go back to the previous action.

Nice Eyes Color Changer

The second app of our list is Nice Eyes Color Changer: an ideal program to remove red eyes from photos and even to change the color, to your total pleasure. This is a feature that you will hardly find in other apps of this type, so keep it in mind for the future. Moreover, with this app you can remedy red eyes in a few steps, among other things very similar to the application seen earlier. Finally, you can also zoom in on the eye area to get a more precise result or to change its color in an even more natural way.

Eye Color Changer

Eye Color Changer is another very useful tool to remove red eyes from photos, and to do a series of really interesting editing operations: for example, you can create photo collages, apply different effects and filters, and of course take action to eliminate red eyes from the photographs of your smartphone. In addition, this app also allows you to change the color of the eye with a disarming ease, simply using the various tools contained in the menu “Eyes”, among which you will also find the settings for brightness, opacity and tonality.


Pixlr is a very famous app for Android that, among other things, also has an effective tool to remove red eyes from photos. This application is absolutely one of the most precise and effective tools to achieve this goal, even if the process to do it is slightly more complex and articulated than the others: a necessary sacrifice, considering the quality of the final result. The reason? You can repeat the red eye removal operation as many times as you want, so as to get closer to a result that can really leave you satisfied.

Photoshop Express

Could we ever close our list of the best apps to eliminate red eyes from photos without mentioning Photoshop Express? A big in the photo-editing sector, which even allows you to take your eyes off the shots, even if they are about your animals! And the only thing you need to do is open the photo and select the “remove red eye” tool from the “Edit” menu of the application.

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