10 Best Photomontages Apps for iPhone

Today, creating a photomontage turns out to be much simpler than before: thanks to the many applications for smartphones developed just for this purpose, which allow you to create really funny images or to take care of them with very professional effects. Among other things, these applications have a great value: they are easy to use, and therefore affordable for everyone, young and old. That’s why today we’ll present you a list of the top 10 photo montage apps on iPhone.

Index of photomontage apps on iPhone

  1. Photo Lab
  2. PhotoFunia
  3. PicsArt Photo & Collage
  4. Photomontager
  5. Funny Face
  6. PIP Camera
  7. Photo2Fun
  8. FotoRus
  9. Edit Faces
  10. Face Morph

List of photo montage apps on iPhone

1. Photo Lab – ^

In the list of the photo-editing apps available for iPhone, Photo Lab is definitely one of the best in its field. This is because the above application allows you to take advantage of a plethora of graphic effects to add to your photo shoots: ranging from professional filters, to textures and creative frames. Moreover, this is one of the best app for photomontages on iPhone for another reason: inside, in fact, you will find a series of basic tools for editing your photographs. Although not very advanced, enough is enough to allow you to use a versatile and versatile tool.

2. PhotoFunia – ^

Even PhotoFunia deserves the right to enter our list of the best applications for photomontages on iPhone. The reason is quite simple: you will hardly find an app so complete, from any point of view you will look at it. This is because PhotoFunia allows you to intervene in a thousand different ways on your photographs: you can add artistic filters that will make them much more beautiful, or apply particularly creative and exciting textures. Among other things, you can also apply extraordinary frames with minimal effort. To give you a couple of examples, you can paste your face on a newscast screen, or put yourself in the space suit of an astronaut on the moon!

3. PicsArt Photo & Collage – ^

Our article on the best photo-editing apps on iPhone continues, and goes on with great: thanks to PicsArt Photo & Collage, an application that will allow you to create truly epic, colorful, creative photomontages and above all exceptional graphics quality. Thanks to this app, you can for example add many accessories to your photos, such as dog ears, comics and any other sticker available on PicsArt Photo & Collage. Believe us when we tell you that you will hardly find better on your iPhone.

4. PhotoMontager – ^

PhotoMontager is another app that is definitely worth mentioning, even if in this case it is a very different application from the previous ones. Specifically, this app is especially useful to add beautiful frames to your photographs, so as to make them more romantic or simply more appealing than before. The interesting thing is that this app allows you to upload photos from social networks like Facebook, or to take them in real time from your camera. Then, you can add one of over 3,000 frames available on the app.

5. Funny Face – ^

In our list of the best app for photo montages on the iPhone, we could not avoid even inserting Funny Face. In this case, we ban all romanticism: we are dealing with an application designed especially for fun. Do you want to know the reason? This application allows you to add a thousand crazy accessories to your photographs: you can for example paste the orange hair punk style 80s, or add the classic nose and dog ears. Among the many pearls that you can paste on the photos, you will also find stickers, icons and slogans.

6. PIP Camera – ^

PIP Camera is a particularly artistic app: perhaps the most creative of our list, especially suitable for fans of photos that would like to add a professional touch to their shots. This is possible thanks to the many filters and effects available on this application, which will allow you to create a unique and original 100% result. Also consider that within PIP Camera you find other more classic options, such as frames, but also the ability to add effects in real time by taking a selfie.

7. Photo2Fun – ^

Another of the best app for photomontages on iPhone to quote at all costs is Photo2Fun: even in this case we are faced with a very special application, this time designed more for fun than for creativity or artistic ideas. What allows you to do the aforementioned application? To give you an example, you can add a myriad of textures to your photos: you can turn your face into a real mural, or you can add yourself to very classic frames, like the covers of glossy magazines. Due to its “fashion” features, Photo2Fun is an app designed especially for girls.

8. FotoRus – ^

FotoRus is a bit ‘a mix of very different characteristics, in practice a kind of all in one. We tell you this because, using this application, you will have the possibility to do both fun and artistic things. For example, you can add classic hilarious stickers, or puppy ears to your photos. Among other things, you can also use perfect photo filters to embellish your shots and make them more professional. What else can you do with FotoRus? You can take advantage of a series of beauty tools, such as the removal of dark circles!

9. Face swap – ^

Face Swap? Simply one of the best photo montage apps on iPhone, if not the best ever. This app, in fact, stands out for the great originality of its effects: in practice, you can take your face and do what you want. For example, you can paste it on the body of a nun or any other subject contained in the application, and get a truly extraordinary result. You can even use your face to create a mix with an android, or turn into a clown.

10. Face Morph – ^

The latest of the best applications for photomontages that we will talk about today is Face Morph, also for iPhone. What makes it so special? The fact of being able to use it to glue and melt your face in one of the many bases present in it. Just to give you some examples: you can glue your face on the picture of a basketball player, a newborn, a bodybuilder or even a tiger. Among the other bases you can find in Face Morph, there are Lara Croft, Harry Potter and even Jesus!

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