10 Best Photomontages Apps for Android

If you’re looking for something to create great photomontages, and you have a smartphone with the green robot as an operating system, then you’ve come to the right place (if you have an iOS device then take a look at the app for photo montages on the iPhone): today, we’ll list the top 10 photo montage apps on Android. And we’ll probably leave you in awe, because some of these apps are crazy and allow you to access an avalanche of exciting effects. Then, do you want to know the best part of these apps? In almost all cases they are very simple to use, even if you have never tried your hand at photo-editing.

Index of photo montages apps on Android

  1. Photo Lab
  2. PhotoFunia
  3. PicsArt Photo & Collage
  4. Photomontager
  5. Photo Editor
  6. PIP Camera
  7. Photo Layers
  8. FotoRus
  9. Collage Maker
  10. Face Changer Video

List of photo montages apps on Android

1. Photo Lab – ^

Photo Lab, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the best photo-editing applications on Android. Do you want to know why? Because inside you will find at your disposal a plethora of graphic options to be exploited as you like best: between filters, special effects, pre-built frames and accessories to add to the photos, you will probably spend whole days to discover all the pearls available from this application. Consider also all its ease of use: although you have to play a bit ‘before you can master it to the fullest, this does not mean that you will have to become an expert, given its extreme simplicity.

2. PhotoFunia – ^

Another of the best photo montage apps on Android is PhotoFunia: on the Google market for several years, it has been changing over time. Today this app specializes in creating special and very accurate collages, as it has a huge database of photos in which to place your face. Among other things PhotoFunia is of a disarming simplicity: in a few seconds you can create stunning photomontages, to the point that even children can use it. Do you want to try to play yourself in the role of Santa Claus, an astronaut or a dancer of the Rio carnival? With this app you can do it.

3. PicsArt Photo Studio – ^

In third place, as regards the best applications for photo-editing on Android, is PicsArt Photo Studio. In this case, we are talking about an application once again specialized in creating funny and very realistic collages: here you will not only find simple filters, frames and so on, but also and above all a multitude of opportunities for collage and for the creating really hilarious memes. Among other things, PicsArt Photo Studio is a powerful editing program that will allow you to do all the basic operations.

4. PhotoMontager – ^

PhotoMontager is an app a bit ‘different from those seen previously, because here are almost exclusively the frames and textures to add to your photos. In practice, this app is ideal to add an extra gear to your photo shoots: you can make a photo more romantic by inserting it into a heart, or you can apply vintage or special filters. Among other things, you can use this interesting app to create birthday invitations, greeting cards and even wedding cards.

5. Photo Editor & Beauty Camera & Face Filter – ^

Do you want to download an app that collects alone a lot of possible options? Then you should definitely give a chance to Photo Editor & Beauty Camera & Face Filter : as you understand its name, you will face not one but three applications together. What allows you to do this prodigy of the montage? In practice, you can edit your photos applying a flood of boosting effects, so as to make your shots much more beautiful and appealing. Among other things, you can also use it to have fun and to add lots of accessories to your photos, like ears and dog nose. Finally, you can also use it to make collages.

6. PIP Camera – ^

Among the best app for photomontages on Android, we could not even insert PIP Camera. For what reason? Because we’re talking about one of the most interesting apps for applying effects to photos and creating frames. Here you will find really many options at your disposal, and the final result is extremely precise and very appealing. Then you find all the effects categorized with intelligence: you just have to choose the central theme, and then scroll through all the options that this app provides you.

7. Photo Layers – ^

If you are looking for a professional app to make photomontages on Android, you can probably finish your search here: because Photo Layers could be exactly what you need. What is it? Of an app that, just like PhotoShop, works in layers: in practice it allows you to delete the background of your photo making it transparent, and to add one of the many wallpapers loaded on the app. What is surprising is the final result: precise as few, and really of great value.

8. FotoRus – ^

FotoRus is not anything innovative, but this does not mean that it is not a great app: this is in fact the best adjective to describe it, because it offers you many different filters, to create hundreds of graphic effects on your photos. Not only that, because this application also allows you to create collages of very original photos, and to add text, photo filters of beauty, funny stickers and much more. There is also the PIP mode to create creative selfies in real time.

9. Photo Editor Collage Maker – ^

Photo Editor Collage Maker is very similar to a mix of features seen with the apps listed above: on balance, this application allows you to do a lot of fun things. For example, you can create creative collages with your own photos or add your ears and puppy face to your selfies. You can also apply very nice or romantic textures, filters and frames, choosing backgrounds or selecting a wide range of geometric shapes.

10. Face Changer Video – ^

We close our article on the best app for photomontages on Android with an app to say the least absurd: Face Changer Video. With this app you can take a picture of your face or that of a friend, and add a lot of extra things, such as squinting eyes, whiskers, hats and so on. The real news of this application is the fact that many of these accessories are animated: something that will allow you to create really fun and unique results. You can even add an animated hammer and an eye that comes out of the orbit!

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